Christmas Party! By Tara Lett

Canadian pop artist Tara Lett is releasing the official video for her new song “Christmas Party”. Lett is a Vancouver-based artist whose captivating music has graced national radio airways and earned a spot on popular TV shows. Her vocal range and style creates a juicy mix between bubbly pop top-notes and soulful jazz undertones with a soothingly adorable voice that hovers somewhere between Norah Jones and Britney Spears. Tara’s energy brings her music to life in a performance that will fill you with oodles of positive energy this holiday season.

Looking to check out Tara Lett live? You can find her performing her feel-good Christmas single and other holiday favorites at the Naughty List Lounge, hosted by “I like Her Style Magazine” at the Red Bull Lounge downtown Vancouver and alongside co-writer David Capper on December 21st – 27th at Van Deusen Gardens Christmas celebration.

Author: Stuart Nelson