International Women’s Strike NYC: Rally and March on March 8th

Hosted by International Women’s Strike US/ Paro Internacional de Mujeres EUA and International Women’s Strike NYC/ Paro Internacional de Mujeres NYC


MCs: Zillah Eisenstein, Roksana Munn, Suzanne Adely and from the National Organizing committee of the International Women’s Strike USA. “We must come together to learn a common language around this liberation and to learn how to work together towards building real liberation for women and for all people”.
Performance artist Marni Halasa out on a spring like day for International Women’s Day Rally and March to zuccotti park wearing her home made wings and her sign reading “My Wings My Choice”
Three Demonstrators letting the world know that Women Strike Back at the International Women’s Day Rally and March at Washington Square park Wednesday March the 8th. Many schools and business closed for the day due to so many calling out to attend the event.
Performance artists Kate Hamberger wearing a mouth piece which says, Fuck Trump and a sign reading,,,, see below


Sonia Maria Sheron as Miss Liberty and Liah Alonzo music performed Matches, Sticks and Gasoline

On March 8th, the International Women’s Strike NYC – a coalition representing dozens of grassroots groups and labor organizations – organized a number of actions in support of labor campaigns, migrants’ rights, Sanctuary Campus campaigns, and others.

At 4 PM there was a rally in Washington Square Park.
The rally opened with an artistic performance created by Alejandra Ballón Gutiérrez (Arequipa, Peru 1975), “La Alfombra Roja”, and songs by singers Natalia Saez, Renee Ghoust and Liah Alonso. “La Alfombra Roja” project was created to make visible the terrible effects of patriarchal relations on women’s lives. Among the forms of violence that affect women, it was used to denounce the criminal policies of forced sterilization of indigenous women, carried out in the Nineties by the then-President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori:

Speakers and performers included:

Rabyaah Althaibani, Yemeni Bodega Strike
Performance: Jamara Mychelle Wakefield (BLM, Pratt)
Judy Sheridan Gonzalez, NYSNA
Tana Forrester, Chair of Socialist Party of NYC
May Madarang, Gabriela
Octavia Kohner, Babeland
Jenna, Red Umbrella
Nour Obeidallah, Sanctuary Campus Campaign
Performance: Jamara Mychelle Wakefield, BLM, Pratt
Betty Lyons, American Indian Law Alliance
Lamis Deek (for Palestine)
Hawa Bah, & Constance Malcolm: Police accountability leaders and
mothers of Mohamed Bah & Ramarley Graham, murdered by NYPD
Mika Nagasaki, Ain’t I a Woman?
Tithi Bhattacharya, IWS
Cinzia Arruzza, IWS

MCs: Zillah Eisenstein, Roksana Munn, Suzanne Adely

At 5:30 PM demonstrators marched to Zuccotti Park. The march made some stops along the way, with performances in front of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory site, the Varick Street Immigration Detention Center, Stonewall, City Hall, the African Burial Ground and the former slave market, a financial institution funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, and others.

Washington Place (stop in front of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory)
Greene Str. to Waverly Place
Waverly Place
Christopher Street (stop in front of Stonewall)
7th Avenue
Varick Street (stop in front of the Immigration Court and second stop in front of Trump hotel Soho)
West Broadway
Duane Street (stop at the African burial ground)
Elk Street or Lafayette Street
Reade Street
Zuccotti Park


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