NYC Solidarity Rally for the General Strike! in Washington Square Park NYC yesterday


Hello all! Thank you so much for being a part of this movement! Below is the purpose of this event, the schedule, and some requests.

NYC RALLY PURPOSE: This rally is being held in solidarity with the general strike movement. Our aims are twofold. 1.) We stand with the national general strike in demanding that our representatives uphold the constitution and actively combat any language or action taken by this administration that could be interpreted as being unconstitutional. 2.) We gather here in New York in a concentrated effort to organize and further build our working community. As such, we will dedicate our time to meeting one another, learning about our industries and our backgrounds, and building an organizational network with which to carry out further, larger strikes if necessary for the betterment of our country.


Jed from Freedom Socialist Party. Welcome! The U.S. Freedom Socialist Party is a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers’ democracy that will guarantee full economic, social, political and legal equality to all who are exploited, oppressed and repelled by the profit system and its offshoot—imperialism. We are unionists, antiwar activists, free speech advocates, environmentalists, gay freedom fighters and rebellious people of color and youth. There are branches of the party in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Portland and a sympathizing section in Australia. Our sister organization Radical Women is the leftwing of the feminist movement and the feminist wing of the socialist movement. Learn more about the party by subscribing to the bimonthly Freedom Socialist newspaper. It carries analysis, commentary, humor, and cartoons on the worldwide struggle for human emancipation. Or order books and pamphlets by socialist feminist theorists and revolutionary poets from Red Letter Press, the party’s publishing house.
I saw this couple with their 40 year old camera loading it with actual film.


1:00pm – Gathering, Garibaldi Square @ Washington Square Park
1:30pm – Opening Remarks – Andrew Thornebrooke
1:45pm – Speaker 2
2:00pm – Speaker 3
2:15pm – Speaker 4
2:30 – Open Forums on “Meaningful Strikes,” “Immigration and Labour,” “Intersectional Justice,” and “Volunteering.” (Moderators TBA)
3:45 – Closing Remarks – Andrew Thornebrooke
4:00 – Community building and gradual disperse
6:00 – We will reconvene for the Know Your Rights Town Hall at P.S. 48, 4360 Broadway, NYC 10033.




REQUESTS: As this event is one of solidarity, and we intend to use it to organize a more effective network of strikers in New York and the rest of the country, our driving purpose is to engage with one another at this rally. Until now, this rally was organized primarily by my wife and I, which has proven a rather immense task. As such, we are asking that everyone put their shoulder to the wheel in building a worker-positive discourse and helping to organize in whatever ways they can. Thank you!

The world does not work without workers!


One girl had the names of victims of police violence written on her jacket




I spoke with the organizer of the event, Andrew Thornebrooke, and he told me why he put it together, “We have strikers in 100 different cities in 30 states right now, striking right now. This is a targeted strike aimed at getting our representatives to re-affirm their oath of office and to actively combat any language or action taken by the administration which could be deemed Unconstitutional’.
Anyone can paint,, a collective art piece.
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