Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016) – Movie Review

VaxxedTo categorize the new documentary Vaxxed as simply an “anti-vaccine” film is to ignore the extremely important information it highlights.

Vaxxed profiles how the well respected scientist Dr. William Thompson became a whistle blower to reveal that he and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lied about the results of their study on the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Directed by Andrew Wakefield and produced by Del Bigtree, the film features journalist Ben Swann who examines Thompson’s claims through interviews he conducts with doctors, journalists, authors and former CDC specialists.

In a gripping and suspenseful manner, we witness Thompson’s slow revelation that the study conducted at the CDC
showed a significant link between the MMR vaccine and the rise of autism in African American boys in particular.

Yet because this information was not in line with results the CDC desired, the evidence was deliberately destroyed in a conspiracy to hide this finding from the public. The vaccine has thus continued to be used and the manufacturer – Merck – continues to make exorbitant profits from its sales.

It is important to note that Robert De Niro was slated to show Vaxxed this spring at his 2016 Tribeca Film Festival but then pulled the film after criticism and pressure. Later however, De Niro (who has an autistic child) publicly defended the film and said it should be seen widely and taken seriously.

Not only is Vaxxed a well done documentary that draws the viewer in, but it is extremely informative. For example, we learn that vaccines are not categorized as “drugs” and therefore not tested and scrutinized with the same oversight. In addition (and even more shocking) is that the US government has given vaccine manufacturers complete exemption from any prosecution or liability if their products fail to work or even
if they case harm, injury, or death.

Yeah, you heard right. If a child (or anyone) is injured or even killed by a vaccine, the manufacturer has absolutely no responsibility and can not be sued or held responsible. Wow. That fact should really cause the public to be concerned, to ask questions, and to demand answers.

Go see Vaxxed!


Author: Dani Liebling