Verdict, NO JAIL TIME for NYPD Peter Liang for Killing Akai Gurley

Outside 320 Jay Street in Brooklyn on Tuesday, the day of the sentencing for NYPD cop, Peter Liang, who killed Akai Gurley, the 28 year old black male when he was taking the stairs in his apartment building Nov 20, 2014 because the elevator was out of order and was struck and killed by a bullet fired from Peter Liangs’s gun. After firing the shot, instead of assisting Akai Gurley with CPR, Liang called his Union rep and searched for the bullet casing. Gurley’s partner, Melissa Butler, performed CPR on Gurley on the 5th fl stair landing with the instructions from the downstairs neighbor over the phone with 911. Press and family being let into the court building.


Members of Rebel Diaz interviewing Daniel Majesty Sanchez of Justice Committee about trying to get justice for Akai Gurley.
Supporters from all races holding signs supporting the lives of those who tend to get marginalized in our society. People have turned it into a race issue. It’s a simple issue of a cop “misfiring” his gun and taking an innocent
Family members of those killed by Police and supporters awaiting the verdict in the sentencing of NYPD Peter Liang outside Brooklyn Criminal Court at 320 Jay Street on Tuesday. Nicholas Heyward Sr holding a picture of his son, Nicholas, who was shot and killed by NYPD when he was only 13 years old playing with friends and plastic colorful, toy guns in the stairwell where he lived back in 1994.


Travis Morales of Stop Mass Incarceration Network and the Revolution Communist Party on the right with Daniel Majesty Sanchez of the Justice Committee who’s been supporting victims of Police Violence for over 30 years “because it’s what’s right, He told me in an interview. “Peter Liang killed Akai Gurley. Plain and simple. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Based on what the laws are, he needs to go to prison. THE SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY BENDING THE RULES AND TWISTING THE RULES AND BREAKING THE RULES MAKING SURE THIS OFFICER ISN’T HELD ACCOUNTABLE IS DISGUSTING”. In his statement he read,, “We are sick and tired of Police Officers not being held accountable for the killing of civilians. Akai was walking up the stairs and LIANG’S RECKLESS ACTIONS COST AKAI HIS LIFE”. reading a statement
Obvious upset and emotion coming from families and supporters after learning of the verdict of No Jail Time for Peter Liang in killing Akai Gurley. Many of the families were angry at DA Ken Thompson who wrote a letter to Judge Danny Chun recommending no Jail time for Peter Liang. saying, “He’s not a threat to the public”. Akai Gurley’s “Aunt T” said at previous press conferences, “If it had been Akai Gurley killing Peter Liang would the DA be recommending No Jail Time?” Rikers Island is full of people who’ve killed no one and who have not even committed anything considered to be a Real Crime. But, because they’re poor or mentally ill, they languish there unable to make bail. Rikers Island is a debtors prison.
As I was concluding an interview with Danette Chavis who’s son was killed by police neglect and from National Action Against Police Brutality, Sandy, the Aunt of Kimani Gray who was also killed by NYPD, took Danette aside just coming out of the court house in a rush of emotion telling Danette the verdict of No Jail Time for Peter Liang. Danette Chavis then announced the verdict to the crowd of people and reporters and gave a statement while comforting Sandy vocally sobbing in her arms. “THEY CAN KILL YOU IN YOUR OWN BUILDING AND THEY’LL STILL GET OFF”, she said. “THIS IS NONSENSE, THIS IS NONSENSE”. Media began crowding in around her. Danette then called out the DA Ken Thompson saying “He Should be ashamed of himself for giving a recommendation. As a DA your job is to get a conviction. You got the conviction, you should have stopped at that point. THE LAW REQUIRES JAIL TIME FOR A CONVICTION OF MAN SLAUGHTER. HOW DARE YOU GO OVER AND ABOVE THE LAW AND ASK FOR NO JAIL TIME?”. the rest of Danette’s statement can be heard on my youtube video,


After the verdict, a visibly upset Melissa Butler, with Assemblyman Charles Barron, the partner of Akai Gurley who was with him when he was shot and performed CPR on him via instructions from 911 over the phone of the 4th fl neighbor while Peter Laing called his Union Rep and searched for his shell casing. Attorney Robert Wareham in the hat with Hertencia Petersen, the Aunt of Akai Gurley right of Charles Barron and Aunt Shirley from the forgotten borough of Staten Island, an activist and supporter in the glasses.
Joshua Lopez who’s Uncle John Collado was killed in 2011 by NYPD with Travis Morales, shows me cuts on his arm he received by NYPD.


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