Bernie 2016 NY Campaign and Canvass Kickoff + BLOCK PARTY in Brooklyn

8th Street off 3rd Ave. Brooklyn yesterday hundreds of people gathered to show support for their Presidential candidate, Bernie,, or is it now Birdie Sanders? and take part in massive neighborhood canvassing to help people be motivated to vote for Birdie on April 19th for the NYS primary.
People signing in at a table before entering the block party where guest speakers, music then, grabbing a clip board and designated area to canvass then return the clipboards later that day.
Carmen Hulbert from Peru, member of Latinos for Bernie,, speaking yesterday at the block party supporting Bernie Sanders. Carmen said she’s been following the ideas of Bernie Sanders since she was “a young rebel in Peru”. She referred to the “immigrant experience” and says that she cries when she does. “BERNIE SANDERS IS EMBRACING ALL OF US, IMMIGRANTS, DIFFERENT COLORS, THE WORKING CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS”. Carmen went onto say, “Most came to this country looking for greener pastures, looking for the American Dream. But, THE AMERICAN DREAM HAS DISAPPEARED, AND WE WANT IT BACK.”
Linda Sarsour of the Arab American Association, speaking to the crowd said, “I’m honored to support a candidate who is consistent, who has dignity and respect. A man who, you can go back 40 years ago and hear him say the same things he’s saying today. A man who believes we all deserve equal access to higher education, to live in Brooklyn. He’s against Gentrification. HE’S A MAN WHO CARES ABOUT THE CLIMATE THAT’S KILLING US RIGHT NOW.” “I’M HONORED, AS A PALESTINIAN AMERICAN, TO SUPPORT A CANDIDATE WHO, SOMEHOW HAS THIS RADICAL IDEA, THAT PALESTINIANS ARE HUMANS AND DESERVE HUMAN RIGHTS”.
A Shot of the crowd at yesterday’s block party holding BERNIE for PRESIDENT signs and cheering while speakers spoke words in support of him.
TAX the R1%CH sweatshirt worn by one of the moderators of the Block Party for Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn yesterday on 131 8th Street. The location of their State Headquarters.
Ohio state Senator Nina Turner speaking at yesterday’s Block Party for Bernie Sanders. Taking the stage to the song “This Girl Is on Fire” by Alicia Keys, Nina begins by saying, “We need more people in the elected ministry who give a shit. It takes courage for those of us in that ministry to stand up and to do what is right even when it’s inconvenient”. “WE HAVE TO DELIVER THE HOME TOWN, THE HOME BOROUGH OF SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS”. Nina then, spoke about what is the most important thing, which is to go out canvassing to bring the vote to Bernie come this April 19th. Nina spoke about Bernie Sanders standing up for Civil Rights back in the 60’s and for the LGTB people “BEFORE IT WAS POPULAR”. Recently, a Chicago Tribune archival photo of a young Bernie Sanders being arrested in 1963 at a South Side protest, proving his civil rights activism. The black-and-white photo shows Sanders at 21, when he was then a student at the University of Chicago, being taken by Chicago police toward a police wagon. “NOW IT’S POPULAR SO YOU GOT SOME ELECTED FOLKS GOT SOME RELIGION but BERNIE’S BEEN DOING THE RIGHT THING ALL ALONG”. Nina then, spoke about when, in the 80’s, MAYOR Bernie Sanders in Vermont standing up for Rev. Jesse Jackson run for President of the United States of America. When the Democratic party at that time turned their back on him when he gave the speech saying “Enough is Enough”. “One of the few White elected officials had the nerve and courage and determination.” “SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS HAS HEART/ SOUL AGREEMENT”, Nina said. She said the last Bloomberg poll has Bernie beating Secretary Clinton, while hundreds in the crowd cheered and applauded. Nina spoke about nay sayers who say that Bernie is reaching too high and that things need to be done incrementally, that “WHEN YOU’RE POOR YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT INCREMENTAL, THEY NEED SOME HELP RIGHT NOW”.
Nina Turner addressing the crowd yesterday and speaking out in support of Senator Bernie Sanders who she said had “Heart/Soul Agreement”. Nina said, that as a professor she has never met anyone in all of her life who said that when they grew up they wanted to be poor. “NO BODY ASPIRES TO BE POOR. WE DON’T ALL RUN THE RACE AT THE SAME PACE”. Nina went on to say that we need to be a nation that is there for our sisters and our brothers when they fall down, “NOT A NATION THAT SPEWS HATE. THE CAUSE IS RIGHT AND THE TIME IS NOW”.
One woman supporter of Bernie Sanders holding sign from Working Families for Bernie
A couple of Bernie supporters getting ready to go out to the borough and canvass encouraging registered Democrats to vote for Bernie Sanders this coming April 19 in the NY State Primary. The message for canvassing was not to try and sway non supporters but, to reach out to people who are already supporters. Gil Talmi said, “Our planet’s survival depends on Mr Bernie”. “He’s the only candidate for Peace” said Ms Talmi. Gil reiterated, “For Peace, for Sanity, for common sense, for the common man & woman”.
Getting ready to go out and do some canvassing with Sasha the dog.
After the speakers were finished people lined up at the tables to gather up clip boards and assigning neighborhoods to canvass to encourage registered Democrats to vote for Bernie this April 19th.
“Murray” told me why he was a Bernie supporter, “I’m supporting Bernie because his allegiance is to America and to Americans. Unlike other candidates who are funded by Corporations”. Then, Murray held up the sign he was holding, shown below,, “BERNIE HAS NO STRINGS”. “One of the strings the others have, a foreign government, is Saudi Arabia with Hillary Clinton.”, referring to his sign. “SHE’S RECEIVED MILLIONS OF $$ TO THE BILL & HILLARY FOUNDATION. ” Also TENS OF MILLIONS of $ in ARMS SALES to SAUDI ARABIA WHICH IS CURRENTLY BEING USED TO BOMB CIVILIANS IN YEMEN”. After allegedly, 15 of the 19 911 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, the Clinton’s Hillary in particular, she proudly names her mentors Henry Kissenger”. I asked “Murray” about to release the 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. Senator Graham and others who’ve read the classified 28 pages say they implicate foreign countries and would up end our conception of what our foreign policy should be”.
Picture of Murray’s sign
131 8th Street Brooklyn. Location of the State headquarters of the Bernie Sanders Campaign


The group I followed yesterday for door to door canvassing near Church Ave. in Brooklyn

Kyle Stephenson, Matthew Hurowitz Jesse Berckel and another canvasser/supporter.


Linda Sarsour of the Arab American Association speaking at yesterday’s Block Party for Bernie Sanders

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner,,

“Murray”, Bernie Supporter with his sign, “Hillary <3 Saudi Arabia”

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