#NYPD BLUE 12 Press Conference on their Law Suit against NYPD Quota system

Edwin Raymond,, I’ve been a cop for 8 years and for the last 8 years I’ve unfortunately witnessed this quota destroy lives” 

“We ask the people to support this fight because this isn’t for us,, it’s for You. I’D BE A SERGEANT RIGHT NOW IF I WENT ALONG WITH THIS POLICY”.

Angelo Pinto commences the #NYPD BLUE 12 press conference at the Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Pinto introduced the Justice League NYC which began focusing on policing in NYC particularly after the killing of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD, Daniel Pantaleo.

From the Press Release,, JUSTICE LEAGUE NYC STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH “NYPD BLUE 12” IN THEIR FIGHT AGAINST RACIALLY BIASED POLICING NEW YORK, NY: Justice League NYC and New York Police Department officer/whistle-blower featured in New York Times Magazine cover story, Edwin Raymond, and their attorneys will host a press conference this Tuesday, March 1st to discuss the instances of bias that led to the class action lawsuit by officers of color. The case brings in question the continued use of arrest and ticket quota directives used predominantly in communities of color. Justice League NYC is an initiative conceived to advocate for criminal justice reform and police accountability. These instances of profiling via quotas from New York, to Baltimore to Ferguson, Missouri, illuminate the need for immediate reform. Justice League NYC is taking a stance with the brave officers who recognized the practice of bias within the NYPD and had the fortitude and bravery to stand against it. These officers appear to be the victims of retaliation for their efforts.


About Justice League NYC:

Justice League NYC is an initiative of The Gathering for Justice is a social justice organization founded by Harry Belafonte in 2005.  Led since 2010 by Executive Director Carmen Perez, The Gathering utilizes Kingian nonviolence as a social application for change and civic engagement. Justice League NYC is a task force of juvenile and criminal justice experts, advocates, artists and formerly incarcerated individuals. Our work includes leading policy initiatives for police accountability; bringing in individuals and groups from diverse communities to organize as a ‘family coalition’ in order to capitalize on our combined power and build the agenda for sustained black and brown liberation; being the catalyst for the re-introduction of federal legislation to end racial profiling and stop the militarization of law enforcement; engaging a serious and sustained effort for Raise the Age in NY State; and creating a blueprint – in the form of a substantive list of demands – for criminal justice redress and accountability for NY City and State.

Edwin Raymond, who was part of a NY Times piece entitled A Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the NYPD http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/magazine/a-black-police-officers-fight-against-the-nypd.html?_r=0


Pinto, on the left, spoke about the mass incarceration problem taking place in this country, “THE REALITY IS, YOU CAN’T HAVE MASS INCARCERATION UNLESS YOU HAVE MASS CRIMINALIZATION” Policies and practices that are discriminatory like Broken Windows and Stop & Frisk and quotas. “In order for those policies to have legs on the street, it takes police willing to abide by those practices. The officers who are willing to do that”.

“We’ve heard that it’s only a Few Bad Apples,, Seems to me that’s more like there’s only a FEW GOOD APPLES. TODAY WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER TO ALLOW THEIR VOICES TO BE HEARD, They’re putting themselves and their career on the line by standing out”.

Edwin Raymond takes the mic next greeting the media,, “Good morning, I’ve been a cop for 8 years and for the last 8 years I’ve unfortunately witnessed this quota destroy lives”.

On a National scale one of the things being advocated are “more minority officers”, The reason is to have a natural compassion for the community. “THIS IS COMPLETELY UNDERMINED BECAUSE of INHERENTLY RACIST POLICIES KNOWN AS QUOTA. When it comes to Mass Incarceration in NYC, the quota is at the root of it”.

“Myself and the other officers took an OATH to uphold the Constitution. Unfortunately, WE’RE PROTECTING THE PEOPLE FROM THE DEPARTMENT ITSELF”

“We ask the people to support this fight because this isn’t for us,, it’s for You. I’D BE A SERGEANT RIGHT NOW IF I WENT ALONG WITH THIS POLICY”.

Tamika Mallory of the Justice League NYC,, “Thank you so much for coming today,, we appreciate you so much for being here. The officers who have come forward to stand with Justice League in this moment, is really an Incredible opportunity for us. It’s an opportunity for us to have a refreshing moment in this city. What is unfortunate is that, as of late, we’ve heard from our commissioner that the Officers who also work for him and their claims are being called ‘Bull Shit. That itself, is what we know, creates an environment where racist policies can, in effect, be in communities of color”.


Not only should there be accountability for the Officers but, there Must be accountability for Commissioner Bratton”.

From left to right, retired NYPD captain Graham Weatherspoon, Derrick Waller and the first NYPD officer to blow the whistle on the NYPD quotas,, Adhyl Polanco.

Officer Polanco,, and I don’t hesitate to call him Officer,, said he started his fight back in 2008 with Stop & Frisk. “I was one of the few officers who testified under Judge Shira Scheindlin. When we started speaking out about Stop & Frisk we got the same reaction from commissioner Kelly that we got from Commissioner Bratton now, ‘This is Bullshit’. We were not trying to fight, we were trying to bring changes. We grew up in the community. WHAT WE’RE DOING TO OUR OWN PEOPLE IS NOT RIGHT. I’m not talking about criminals,, THE QUOTA BRINGS PROBLEMS TO THE MOST VULNERABLE. When you put pressure on cops to come up with #’s They’re not going to Manhattan and choking somebody in the middle of the street, it’s the black, it’s the hispanic, it’s the LGBT community. WE GO FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE”.

“There was only One Frank Serpico. There were 16 k cops in the NYPD and they’re all crooked, they’re all taking $$ and you had One Officer that tried to tell the department and he was not listened to by his own department”.

“To Mayor de Blasio, If your commissioner doesn’t want to listen to your cops, maybe you should. Mayor de Blasio benefits more than anyone from the Stop & Frisk scandal. THAT’S HOW HE GOT ELECTED, BY PROPOSING THE QUOTA THAT WE’RE STILL FACING”.

Officer Derrick Waller was brief,, saying he hoped some of the other officers didn’t have to put up with the harassment and threats. Wish us luck”.


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Graham Weatherspoon,, “If a patient is Sick they must fist admit they are sick in order to receive treatment. Many people in this country are living in a state of fear in this city and across the nation because of the color of their skin or of their economic status. COMMISSIONER BRATTON, IF QUOTAS DO NOT EXIST THEN, YOU NEED TO TERMINATE THOSE SUPERVISORS THAT ARE CALLING FOR QUOTAS TO BE MET”.

“The job of a police officer is to deter crime, LET ME REPEAT THAT, TO DETER THE CRIME. Not to catch the criminal. “THE NYC POLICE DEPT COST THE CITIZENS OF THIS CITY MORE THAN $1 BILLION IN LAW SUITS OVER THE LAST 12 YEARS. $ that could have gone to feeding the homeless, housing for the homeless.”

Attorney Royce Russell of Emdin and Russell

“This type of law suit supports, gives credence to, enlightens, put the focus on, when we speak about violations of civil rights. YOU CANNOT HAVE A QUOTA SYSTEM DISGUISED AS A PERFORMANCE SYSTEM  AND NOT HAVE VIOLATIONS OF CITIZENS CIVIL RIGHTS. They go Hand in Hand, In order to make those #’s, in order to satisfy your ‘superiors’, there are some people who are going to be arrested who shouldn’t be arrested”.

Opened up for questions and answers,, One media woman asked Edwin Raymond what his response is to his claim of quotas being called ‘Bullshit’ by Commissioner Bratton.

His response was given by his attorney, Emeka Nwokoro,

“My client does not wish to engage in a war of words with his boss, Commissioner Bratton. But, for Commissioner Bratton to use profanity in addressing legitimate concerns of one of his employees, is extremely disrespectful and shows a callous disregard for the conditions under which these police officers are working”.

The conference was closed out by Rev Adolphus C. Lacey PhD of the Bethany Baptist Church, “We believe in justice and glad that we could create the space for you to come here while Edwin Raymond and others are able to share their story”. This is about awareness because if we think everything is normal, we’re in for a rude awakening, and that’s what we want to do. The call is to Wake Up, Things are not always as they seem”.



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