GUILTY! Verdict for Peter Liang on Killing Akai Gurley rally at 1 Police Plaza

A very cold night last night at around 5pm the family of Akai Gurley asked people to come out, no matter what the verdict, to 1 Police Plaza in lower Manhattan. The verdict happened to be GUILTY, a sign of some justice but, the sentencing is not until April 14th. A couple of hundred people came out.
One supporter with her sign reminding people that there are more cases where many people feel justice has not been served.
Nicholas Heyward Sr., who’s son was shot and killed by NYPD 21 years ago in much the same way as Akai Gurley. Nicholas Heyward’s son was only 12 at the time he was playing cops & robbers with friends using colorful plastic toy guns in the stairwell of the Wycoff houses in Brooklyn in 1994. He is still seeking justice.
Steve Yip and Travis Morales from Stop Mass Incarceration holding signs of the many faces but, not all, of unarmed people killed by police in the United States.
Supporters chanting and raising fists at 1 Police Plaza last night feeling some victory over the Guilty verdict of NYPD cop Peter Liang in the killing of Akai Gurley on Nov 20th 2014 in the Pink Houses in Brooklyn. Akai Gurley was taking the stairs with a girlfriend when a ricocheted bullet fired from the gun of Peter Liang from a floor above hit him in the chest, killing him. Instead of immediately getting help for Akai the facts support that Peter Liang was calling his union in fear of losing his job while Akai was bleeding out 2 floors below. Akai Gurley made it down 2 flight of stairs before he collapsed on the 5th floor landing. It was a neighbor on the 4th floor who called 911 and translating the instructions for CPR to Akai Gurley’s girlfriend. Peter Liang and Sean Landau were on floor 8 when the shot went down towards floor 7.
“We really need to take a look at the system that allows the police to come into our communities and murder our children, These children are unarmed , they aren’t committing any crimes, aren’t doing anything wrong. When an cop shoots and kills them, they cover up the story”, Nicholas Heyward Sr. talking about the killing of his son, Nicholas Heyward Jr, 21 years ago by NYPD.
Hundreds of supporters came out last night to 1 Police Plaza after the verdict of Guilty for NYPD Peter Liang on Thursday for the killing of unarmed, 28 year old, African American Akai Gurley
Travis Morales of Stop Mass Incarceration Network spoke to reporters saying, “If cops even get charged when they murder someone. They walk all the time. The whole world saw the cop, Daniel Pantaleo, choke Eric Garner to death yet, he was never even charged and even if they do get convicted, their charges get dropped. Look what happened yesterday, he should have been charged with murder (referring to Peter Liang) because that was murder> He was in that stair well with his gun drawn, his finger on the trigger. He was out there to hunt black people, that’s what he was doing”.
Even a group from Picture the Homeless came out in support cheering and chanting.
Joshua Lopez, pictured here holding the AM New york newspaper with the headline, GUILTY, the verdict of Peter Liang. Joshua’s Uncle was killed by an NYPD undercover cop when his Uncle, John Collado, went to break up a fight involving someone he knew and the under cover cop. He never received justice.
Members from Picture the Homeless Chanting and cheering for the bit of justice received from the Guilty verdict of NYPD cop Peter Liang on Thursday.
Kim Ortiz and Cleo Jeffryes wearing red sweatshirts reading Justice for Akai Gurley attended the rally last night at 1 Police Plaza
Nicholas Heyward Sr was one of the speakers last night at 1 Police Plaza. He spoke about the murder of is son, Nicholas Heyward Jr. who was killed by NYPD in the Wycoff Houses in 1994. He’s pictured here holding a picture of his son and Akai Gurley. “These police come into our communities terrorizing our children. We need to know that these cops are not here to protect us. I feel that Akai Gurley would have been alive today had this cop right here, 21 years ago, been held accountable. The laws they have out here are to criminalize us, it is not to help and serve us.” The case of Nicholas Heyward Jr is being re investigated by Ken Thompson who’s bringing this case to trial. If Charles Hynes was still in office, this case would have never went to a Grand Jury”.
One supporter speaking out for justice
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Akia Gurley’s cousin speaking out and thanking everyone for their support. “Without you, there’s no way we would have gotten the verdict that we did”. She thanked her Aunt Hertencia, also known as “Aunt T”, “She’s been a liaison and a rock for our family since the very beginning. She didn’t even take the time to grieve, to mourn”.
Hertencia Petersen, Aunt of Akai Gurley, and her niece.
Hertencia Petersen, Aunt of Akai Gurley, speaking to the crowd of supporters. She started out with a chant,”No Justice, no Peace, No Racist Police”. She thanked everyone for “standing in solidarity with herself and her family. “We have to realize and recognize that no matter what the verdict was it will never bring Akai Gurley back. What ever the verdict was will not heal our wounds , will not heal Sylvia Palmers void in her heart.” “My nephew is finally resting in peace.His spirit is resting in peace. I want to thank everyone from the Grand Central crew, Malcolm X grassroots, everyone. Even though we got a guilty verdict, his sentencing isn’t until April 14th and I want all these cops around here to know, Realize and recognize that Akai Gurley’s name will forever be etched in your brains”.


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