AV SUPER SUNSHINE’s “Baby Goodbye” Debuts at #15 On Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales Chart

Baby Goodbye coverHailing from the wilds of Wisconsin the artist AV Super Sunshine is on a mission to blow your mind! With a super-hot EP titled “Just Like Kurt” dropping in mid-October; 10/23/2015 to be exact. The artist and his Super Sunshine band will be sharing his trippy tunes with the big beautiful world one dose at a time. So, take a hit of “Baby Goodbye” of which hit billboard, snagging the # 15 spot on the chart; with a bullet. This powerful single gives you a good taste of what’s to come. Believe me, it’s not your daddy’s vintage, brown acid.

After 8 bars of dreamy echo enhanced electric guitar in the intro the drums kick in to pick up the backbeat and the song is set in motion. With breathy vocals floating atop a Hammond B3 organ pad and bass guitar; the opening chorus slowly rises, like a plume of smoke from a stick of burning incense in the still summer air. It’s as eerie as staring down a rattlesnake in a dry, deserted desert beneath an ice cream moon at midnight.

Through this mystic labyrinth the listener is led along for around half a minute, drifting toward a punchy first verse with lyrics that could’ve been taken from a petulant adolescent girl’s diary. “Well we could go downtown, there’s lots of shops/and there’s uptown, well it’s ain’t so hot/and there’s midtown, with its crazy cool/But it’s filled with every punk ass fool/and there’s danger along the way/But we just can’t stay in all day/There’s a whole world, ours to explore/Let’s go on OUT THE DOOR!

At the return of the chorus the airy lead vocals are reprised as a soulful sister lustily vamps in the background, like the sirens that sang to Ulysses and his crew upon the high seas. If you close your eyes at this point I’ll bet you’ll see stroboscopic lamps flashing and black lights glowing that reveal some secret message written on the sands of time by an invisible hand.pix

AV Super Sunshine is no slouch when it comes to taking a sonic detour in the tune as they go into the bridge section that builds in intensity as it moves along like a lysergic locomotive. The levels of the aforementioned dizzy B3 and wailing soul sister are now brought up in the mix. There’s even some haunting na-na-nas and a ghostly cowbell clanking as “Baby Goodbye” closes out with a sustained chord on the keyboard that finally fades to silence.

At a 3:42 run time I guess you could say that, like a whiff of amyl nitrate, it all ends too soon. The good news is that just when you feel like you’re coming down off the great, natural high of “Baby Goodbye”, AV Super Sunshine will be serving up (in the not too distant future) two other psychedelic singles dealing with such cosmic clutter as Kurt Cobain and alien abduction. So, “Baby Goodbye”, is simply AV Super Sunshine’s way of saying, “Hello World, how do you do?”

*The CD EP will be released to stores nationwide in October 2015 (on the Victor House label, and distributed by KES Music & Video Distribution, with promotion & marketing by National Marketing Advertising & Promotions/Chicago IL). In the meantime you can keep up with the AV Super Sunshine gang at: www.avsupersunshine.com and be sure to check out their super cool super sunshine video of “Baby Goodbye”!


Author: Ralph White