Joseph Pagano ‘Time & Colors’ EP Music Review

While listening to indie singer/songwriter Joseph Pagano’s newest offering, the five-track EP ‘Time & Colors,’ I have to admit I was at first expecting a handful of songs that sounded alike. Okay, not exactly the same, but similarities and a common thread.

I think the only common thread in Pagano’s work is that his lyrics are more often than not thought provoking as he twists and turns lyrics into a remarkable storyline. In the title track, it couldn’t be more relevant. This wordsmith creates a vivid story with the idea that we all have a blank canvass in life.

What I thought at first strange in “Time & Colors” were the grittier, more melodic rock guitar riffs. His tone and pace were more roots, but the guitar work seemed out-of-place. After a second listen, the guitar licks complimented the end product like a fine garnish.

In “Life In a Bag” fans of John Cougar Mellencamp and early Bruce Springsteen will gravitate to Pagano’s rootsy voice and observatory lyrics.

In “16 Other Ways” the New Yorker plays it up in a more pop, catchy beat. And, in the last tracks “Candies Hope And Faith” and the very up-beat “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home (Remix)”, Pagano truly shows range and variety.

‘Time & Colors’ is a very interesting and entertaining EP. It’s refreshing to have a new talent that can stretch across several genres!

Author: Melissa Kucirek