ERIC GARNER March begins and so do ARRESTS 7/18/15


Not long after the crowd left Columbus Circle, NYPD began arresting demonstrators who marched for justice for Eric Garner, the man killed by an illegal chokehold by NYPD Daniel Pantaleo who was never indicted for his death.

Before leaving Columbus Circle the demonstrators chanted, “We must Love & support each other, It is our duty to win, we have nothing to lose but our chains, I Love you all”.

Heading north inside Central Park on the east side then exiting the park and up 5th ave demonstrators chanted, “Indict, convict, send the killer cops to jail, the whole dam system is guilty as hell”. Holding signs reading, We See Racism, and, Strong Communities make Police Obsolete.DSC07134

A group of demonstrators ended up at 50 W 57th where the arrest of a young female protestor took place. Kamal, brother of Kalief Browder, was there to let the cops know “that’s what a Rally is, that’s what a protest is, let them arrest you.” The mother of the girl being arrest was present saying, “that’s my child”. One demonstrator was asking for the badge # of the arresting officer but, was ignored. He said he was going to file a complaint with the Civilian Review Board. DSC07123

That same demonstrator/videographer was asking a female cop on camera “how much you have to sell your soul?”, to which she replied, “$75 an hour”. DSC07127 How Much to Sell Soul? $75 an hour

I felt compelled to inform the officer about how $$ is made and where it comes from and is, literally, created out debt. Which means it will cost more and more of your soul to make it, not to mention the environment and the overall quality of life. Some people just don’t have the ability to see where to draw the line. When $ costs more than it’s worth. Most Americans are completely unaware of basics facts that their “gov”, really owned by banksters, will never tell them.

“Blow your whistle, raise your fist, we refuse to live like this”, was the chosen chant as Kevin Lee from the Revolution Communist Party led other marchers down Avenue of the Americas at 51st street, 1 block from Radio City Music Hall, in NYC on Saturday.DSC07155

Police on scooters had to drive against traffic to follow along side the demonstrators. DSC07156

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