Preview of Brooklyn Band, ANIMAL YEARS. Interview with lead, Mike McFadden

SpencerKohn_Animal_Years_10.28.14-6 SpencerKohn_Animal_Years_10.28.14-71_New SpencerKohn_Animal_Years_10.28.14-104 SpencerKohn_Animal_Years_10.28.14-395Who: Brooklyn Based Roots-Rockers Animal Years (
What: Opening for Martin Sexton
Where: The Gramercy Theatre (127 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010)
When: Fri., 5/1/15, 7 PM
2014 was a wild ride for Brooklyn basedAmericana influenced roots-rock band Animal YearsThey released the album Sun Will Rise (Deluxe Edition) internationally, debuted the video “Forget What They’re Telling You” (which starred True Blood’s Bailey Noble) on Conan O’Brien‘s blog Team Coco, filmed a live session in Counting Crows‘ “Garden” as part of The Outlaw Roadshow and opened up for Robert Randolph & The Family Band at Brooklyn Bowl!
The band Animal Years playing 5/1 at 7pm at  the Gramercy Theater NYC opening up for Martin Sexton, an idol of the lead singer Mike McFadden who I just hung up the phone with.
Here’s what he had to say,,,
When I asked what I thought was the most obvious question, the name of the band, Animal Years, where did it come from, what does it mean, Mike replied,,
I got it from an album by Josh Ritter, The Animal Years. It means, if we all lived in Animal Years, we would live to maybe 20 and realized we missed life. How would we live life differently if we only lived 20 years? Its about living life to the fullest, doing what you love, says Mike.
Mike, originally from Baltimore, wrote the album, Sun Will Rise solo before moving to NYC 3 years ago. Mike moved to NYC after hooking up with the bassist while still living in Baltimore. Band members, guitar Anthony Spinnato and drummer Anthony Saladino, were impressed when they heard Mike’s music and jumped on board.
The band has only been together since 2013 and already sounds like they’ve known each other and been playing together for years.
Mike said he sang his entire life. He got into music in High School and never gave it up. He said he skipped College because he already knew what he wanted to do with his life and that was make music so he just went straight into it.
Mike said that although his parents were concerned about his future they were always supportive of him and knew that he could take care of himself. Mike has been working since 13 years old. He never had a problem supporting himself and his parents knew that so they weren’t very worried. They were not the kind of parents who pushed their kid to go to college to have a “Plan B” to fall back on.
Mike said he sold a song to Tim McGraw commercial which gave him the funds he needed to move to NYC.
Mike mentioned the names of Leo Kottke, John Prine and Ray LaMontagne as major influences in his music sound and style which has a definite influence of country and even some blue grass.
The song, Meet Me, Mike said, was about leaving Baltimore for NYC, having and facing some self doubt but, also anticipation of what lie ahead.
The song, I Was Born, played acoustically, full of mind massaging harmonies from all 3 members, reflecting on “the place I grew up in”.
Mike’s powerful, full voice in the song Rapture, again, supported with the  excellent harmonizing of both Anthony’s in the band, reveals his years of singing. The songs lyrics, about lost love, can hold it’s own with only an acoustic guitar and a tambourine.
Heart on Heart, reaches the heart of anyone who listens driven by Mark’s strong lead voice and the back up of very tight rhythm section that make a perfect fit.
Mike said he’s been able to accomplish more by moving to NYC  in one year than he was in 5 years in Baltimore due to the music scene, the resources and the venues.
The message Mike McFadden wants to give the world is to get away from all the noise, the propaganda and be happy, have fun, be genuine, rock out and be nice. Not in some kind of hedonistic, Wolf of Wall Street kind of way but, in a genuine, easy living, from your heart way.
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