The Tiger Club ‘Mephisto Island’ – Music Review


mephistoislandcoverSupposing the Adams Family weren’t murose, but rather a happy-go lucky, trippy crew, they would probably really love The Tiger Club. And, supposing Don Draper (TV’s Madmen), didn’t have a chip on his shoulder and actually cracked a smile, he too, would like to tango with The Tiger Club.

Combining 60s schtick and colorful orchestrations taught with horns, soft jazz, galloping choruses and classical notes, The Tiger Club leads to a delightful journey in their Mephisto Island.

“Purple Snowflakes” sounds a bit like a jingle/ commercial and 60s broadway musical. The track is fun and the listener feels like they are stuck on the inside of a snow globe; the lyrics ‘drifting in air without a care…’ sways the listener along in a imaginary world of joy and beautiful harmonies. It’s a happy song – where obviously the singers are smiling as they sing. The musical bed collects the falling voices as if the instruments were catching snowflakes on their tongues.

The title track evokes wonderful images of dancing and a delightful tango. You’ll find yourself humming along and lacing your dancing shoes. All of the tracks have flare, drama and paint vivid images of rockabilly, Latin romance and quit whited lyrics.

“Showdown at Mezcal Flats” is a duel between the Spanish guitar and an pesky trumpet. “Green Goddess” is punchy. “Apeliotes” slows it down just a bit; the listener sways back and forth to the mesmerizing horns.

The remaining tracks “Lemon Zest” (zest being very appropriate description here), “Behind the 7th Veil,” “Order of the Seeing Eye,” “Mambo Cheena,” “EZ Bake,” “Lair of Dr. Mabuse” and “El Catrin” are an audio time warp.

Fans of Devotcha will love many of the songs on Mephisto Island. They might find them a bit too happy-go-lucky, but my overall grade is A+.