Tyler Gilbert’s ‘Ok Murphy’ – Music Review

TylerGilbertSaskatchewan-based singer/songwriter Tyler Gilbert shines brightly in the stunning, 13-track collection Ok Murphy. It’s named after Gilbert’s take on Murphy’s Law and if everything goes right – like it does on this album – then you bet, something is about to go wrong.

I sincerely hope not.

Gilbert’s charm and lyrical command is exceptional. His voice is smooth, bluesy, and folksy enough to fit nicely into a folk-rock base. Think Edwin McCain and Rob Thomas fused together. It’s his subtle delivery in the enjoyable “What It Takes” that struck me the most as a listener. The haunting acoustic guitar enters, only to find his brooding voice motioning me to follow.

In “Beautiful Hypocrisies,” it’s evident that Gilbert is most at-home at the acoustic guitar. He sound vulnerable and the listener can’t help but become hypnotized by the melodic guitar.

“The Way The World Works” is amazing story telling (albeit it’s a slow song).  His lyrics are incredible in this pieces, as they are in the moving “The Letter” and the romantic “For Dreamin.'”

Really, there’s not enough space on this site to sing the praises for this album. I’m hooked. Tyler Gilbert’s Ok Murphy gets the seal of approval. Next stop – American domination.


Author: Melissa Kucirek