City Fair 85 – Episode One by Drag – Press Release

DRAG_City_Fair_85_-_Episode_One-frontWe’ve got B-more in the house! Baltimore, Maryland rapper Drag has just come out with his latest mix-tape/album: City Fair 85 – Episode One. Sixteen hot as a pistol joints for urban music fanatics looking to get the grit back into the music. Jay-Z and Kanye West look out because there’s a new kid in town.

Drag uses his hometown of southwest Baltimore as the lyrical inspiration that he drops on bass heavy beats with a vengeance. Let your mind go while you listen and you can smell the funk of the waterfront and see the endless row houses nestled wall to wall in the downtown part of his city in his music. It’s a shame that HBO no longer produces their TV show, “The Wire”, because Drag’s latest release would make the perfect soundtrack for the now defunct series.

The Baltimore City Fair began in the 1970s and launched an artistic and economic revolution of change in the city. The songs on City Fair 85 – Episode One are a 2 hour tale of Drag’s town spanning from 5 AM (“85”) through 7:30 AM (“High & Lows”) the next morning. It makes you feel the energy of a new day and the long hours of a dark night. The project boasts some of the slickest productions to come up out of the underground; sizzling synths, insane samples and red-hot rhyme spit out like blazing bullets in a hot summer drive by.

Drag has been turning out great music since 2006 and City Fair 85 – Episode One (set to release the week of June 24, 2013) should certainly be a day to remember in hip-hop history. If this record gets on the radio, then I’m pretty sure major label rep will be beating a path to this Baltimore boy’s door with record contracts in hand.

Just to make it easy on the industry weasels and fans alike here’s how you can reach Drag or find out more about City Fair 85 – Episode One:


Or contact his PR peeps over at Mia Mind Music, 800-843-8575,,


Author: Ralph White