Airiel Down: Vision - Indie Music Review

By Jayson Jones, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: July 25, 2007

Airiel Down: Vision - Indie Music Review Beaux Foy, the lead singer, along with bassist Curt Turner, guitarist Gordon Harris, and drummer Taylor Traversari; make up this ambient quartet known as Airiel Down. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina and equipped with mood shifting melodies, powerful guitars, driving rhythms, and simple but effective lyrics, Airiel Down isn't exactly what the average alternative band is.

Their debut album, Vision, infuses practically every alternative and rock style of the last several decades into one consistently fun, sound and giving the group a distinction from most other rock groups in the industry today. Gone are the depressing power chords and cliché topics; Airiel Down's music is built like most classic rock songs, slow in the beginning, easy with the build up, and uplifting where it counts, but certainly not tedious to say the least.

Foy's voice has a different sound, that is; it isn't high pitched and whiney, which for some may take some getting used to, but for others will be nothing short of refreshing. And as afore mention, they slip into many different genres throughout the album, which, though commendable, proves to be both a blessing and a curse.

Some songs, such as "Suggestion Box," "Roses Caress," and "Tangled," highlight the bands strong suits. They're comfortable within the measures creating these pieces of music. They seem to be themselves, expressive, and able to connect with ease. But songs like the not quite reggae, not quite rock, attempted ska? "Mr. Smith," goes to show that not everyone can be a chameleon and not every sound, no matter how unique, is a good one.

Vision, as a whole, may not have one distinctive sound, but where it falls short in cohesiveness it makes up for with creativity as well as attempted and sometimes successful innovation. Though the album may not be groundbreaking it is certainly worth a listen and is a promising debut.