900 Pound Gorilla: 900 Pound Gorilla - Music Review

By Michael Johnson, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: December 17, 2008

900 Pound Gorilla: 900 Pound Gorilla - Music Review They categorize themselves as “metal” – now I grew up in the era of metal and though there are qualities that could place them into this narrow genre I’m not sure if it’s the right fit – it’s like how Wal-Mart stores put Evanescence in the Christian Music section – just doesn’t seem right. I could argue hair glam metal but certainly not, say, Slayer metal.. good news though – it doesn’t suck.

“Gutterball” and “Shoot the Moon” are very catchy songs – maybe a little too much so for metal tagging. I love the guitar work and the vocals are unique enough that you can’t pigeonhole the group into a “Vince Neil” sound or whatever.

“Monday Promises” is one of those kick ass songs you’d want to hear radio play on, but not like overkill ‘cause it’s just too good to be overused – but you want to crave to hear the vocal and guitar lines. It’s fashioned in such a way that it’s hard to remain motionless and you could easily jog to this if you’re not a pop star Nazi or something. “Big Fat Limo” is a fast paced song which speaks to us about the trials and tribulations of living a big rock star life. It is solid musically and I have no complaints.

One of my favorite tracks is “Hyperactive” – it’s very fast, ballsy and I can see a lot of punk elements in the music and it’s ubercool so give that one a listen.

The album is very tight and I enjoyed most everything about musically and vocally. Lyrically it was all good. Some songs kind of melted together, but other than that I see noting remotely bad. Vocals could be tighter or more congruent with the tone of the music and hell, the “Kiss Coffin” ad is hilarious so a solid 9 out of 10.