Breech: Tarnish And Undress - Music Review

By Michael Johnson, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: July 3, 2008

Breech: Tarnish And Undress - Music Review I love punk music - I think it is making a comeback. What I don't like are pop bands calling themselves punk. The best yard stick one can have is to compare yourself to the Ramones or the Sex Pistols and even the Misfits. If you sound ANYTHING like that then sure - call yourself punk. Otherwise you might as well go pound sand 'cause real fans of Punk will eat you alive and spit you out all over the pavement before they stomp a mud hole in you. If your music is too clean, vocals too perfect then punk you are not. Pink hair and safety pins is not the way to be punk.

Do not read me wrong here - Breech is GOOD. Better than good. The band is great. I love her vocals. They are clean and nice, soothing with a deep richness to them. The musical backing is equally as good. Not too complicated which is a good thing as most bands lose something in being over complicated. That is the fastest way to obscurity.

Tarnish and Undress is a good CD. It tells a story with every track. It's not all about hardship and loss, but about growth and self discovery. I highly recommend the band and the CD. It gets a little dirtier as it goes on. I like that. I don't feel you need to be perfect. It's like going to see a Disney slave in concert. You know who I mean. The music is SO perfect. The vocals NEVER miss a beat. It's like that because it's all recorded and everyone is just kind of there. That, my friends, is a hollow performance. I don't see how they can sleep at night and call themselves artists. They are actors playing the part of musicians - much like 90% of country music.

Breech, although not punk as they mention in their notes, is more of an indie alternative pop. Michelle Branch like if I have to throw out a name. It's good though - embrace that.