Joe Livoti: Greetings From Galaxy X - Music Review

By Cailin Schiller, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: February 26, 2008

Joe Livoti: Greetings From Galaxy X - Music Review Joe Livoti had put together an interesting mix of sounds to create something cohesive and enjoyable. Initially I thought the album Greeting From Galaxy X would turn into one long jam session but I was pleasantly surprised when each song had its own unique flavor.

There is a hint of everything on this album it seems. The fourth track called "Five Suns," sounds like the beginnings to heavy metal with pretty much one rhythm, and solo's that stand out enough to make the track pop.

The fifth track, called "Walk Don't Run", reminded me of a dual between cowboys. Each has to take their paces, and the best shot wins. The rest of the track is the aftermath, as the antagonist has been taken down by right. Again, it's mostly one rhythm and solos.

Joe Livoti has a unique way of telling a story without using words. For the most part, there is this Southwestern feel to his music. But he knows how to mix things up. The is a Latin American feel to "Oasis" that made me think of dancers dancing slowly yet passionately in the local club.

But again, the sound changes, and now there is this funk sound mixed in. Greetings From Galaxy X is really a blend of different genres. It's hard for me to classify Joe Livoti, but if I had to I would say that he has this alternative sound with the southwestern feel, sometimes. It was a fun album to review and worth giving a listen.