Darius Lux: Arise - Music Review

By Michael Johnson, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: January 11, 2008

Darius Lux: Arise - Music Review Very reminiscent of Nick Lachey but with better tone. A lyrical voice that really draws you into the words and makes you invest emotion because you can tell that he believes 110% in his words.

The music is based in pop with some hip-hop and reggae influence. You can certainly hear some blues and jam rock thrown into it as well and even Christian music pops its ugly head, but no fear! All of these musical styles makes for one great CD and a whole lot of awesome music. The songs on the CD are very inspirational and spiritual without being specifically religious. I like that the most I think. We need more music that is uplifting and clean and Darius brings that out in spades.

Songs like "The Great Unknown", "Life Goes On" and "World Keeps on Turnin" are about learning from your own misdeeds, taking accountability for your actions and that no matter what your life was in the past you can still pull yourself up and be a good person, that the world is not over and will continue to go on and to look at every moment as an experience.

A song that I specifically want to mention as a favorite of mine is "Xtraordinary". I like this song because it says we should take the time to look around us - that we can see miracles in everyday things. The sunset, a flower.. everything. It's all extra special in one way or another and we spend too much time in the rat race looking at the unremarkable concrete jungle.

"Listen" and "Hey You" are standouts on the CD. The lyrics are strong, music is well done and his voice shines bright on both these tracks (as they do on every single song) and these two songs, I think, could strike the right chord with a vast audience as so many of us fail to listen to ourselves and let outside influences guide us and in the end we neglect the things that mean the most (or should anyway) to us.

I would have liked to see more variety in message. After awhile, despite every track being solid and great, it kind of gets blended together. It's a solid 9 though and I recommend it to all. Especially parents as the CD is 100% clean.