Stuart Valentine: Summer's Winter Day - Music Review

By Tingyu Shen, HOT INDIE NEWS .com

Date Published: January 4, 2008

Stuart Valentine: Summer's Winter Day - Music Review Rating: 4/5

Although I am not a big fan of pop music, this guy has the potential to turn that around. The first thing I noticed about Valentine that's different from those other pop stars is that his studio band actually plays a decent bass line, and that is rare today no matter what genre you listen to.

He is looking up to the right legends, with an obviously Beatles influenced "I Heard You Twice the First Time" and a Roy Orbison cover of "You Got It." This guy has such a consistently whimsical sound that it is a nice forty minutes. He has a knack for catchy melody, which helps this album tremendously.

As much as I enjoyed the lightness of this album, I had hoped this album would have segments where it would become more energetic and put heavier segments in. I also think that some of the lyrics can be improved.