Ramya J – That’s A Fact!

CoverKnown locally as the Princess of Flint (Michigan), 13 year old hip-hop artist Ramya J drops the first single from her Imagine That EP. The song, That’s A Fact, is a fun filled track about a girl who’s got her boy’s back and knows the true importance of being the Bonnie to his Clyde in that madding little thing called love. Sharing the microphone with fellow child star Tootie Raww the two take the sometimes tired old rap game to a whole new level with their zesty exuberance and youthful energy on the track.

Ramya J began performing around the time she entered the 2nd grade and has not stopped since. She’s not only performed locally in Michigan but across the nation and has even appearied on the fabled Apollo Theater stage in New York City. She’s not just attracted a hometown fan base, she also has a few famous people following her music career. There’s Jussie Smollet, the star of the hit TV series Empire and Jermaine Dupri who’s worked with Janet Jackson and Alicia Keyes, and even RCA recording artist Jazmine Sullivan. And those are just the ones we know about.RAMYA

Big things are in the works for this spotlight loving teen. A music video for “That’s A Fact” featuring her track mate Tootie Raww has just been released and is racking up views on Youtube like crazy. She’s also a homegrown entrepreneur who, along with her other family members, has started her own record label called RamyaJMusic. That’s A Fact has already gone out to radio stations worldwide and is set to hit the mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop airplay charts soon.

The future looks so bright for Ramya J (https://www.facebook.com/ramyajofficial) that she just may want to stock up on sunglasses sooner than later. At the tender age of thirteen she has her whole career ahead of her with That’s A Fact and Imagine That being only the beginning. And if this advance single is any indication of what this talented teenage is capable of, then look out world, because a brand new star has just been born – and That’s A Fact!  Ramya3


Author: Ralph White