Fliering to raise awareness to the Horrific epidemic of Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S. – Union Sq on Sat

The idea was ambitious, to gather in all 50 states but, it turned out to be around 16 states, to demonstrate in demand of a full investigation into pizzagate, pedogate, child trafficking and crimes against our children- spreading awareness and demanding action from law enforcement to save our children- please check the event map at www.OurChildrenMatter.net


The NYC event brought 5 concerned activist including myself to help educate the public on the realities of child sex trafficking, torture and even killing in the U.S.
One activist trying to hand out fliers with info on the Facts of Child Sexual abuse in the US to passers by. Surprisingly, the public was not as receptive and outraged as I had anticipated. Most people walked by and did not take a flier or stop to talk.


Here are the facts; Trafficking is a serious problem in the United States, yet many of the stereotypes surrounding the issue and the counter-productive approaches to fixing the problem, make it increasingly difficult to address the real dilemmas and oppression of those children in need of help.

1.    Boys make up 50 percent of the sex trafficked victims in the U.S

The modern response to commercial sexual exploitation of minors has been driven by a centralized view of the victim: predominantly a girl, rescued by law enforcement, who doesn’t engage in self-help. This more popular ‘sex trafficking narrative’ has tended to focus on the plight of women and young girls, while young boys have been essentially left out in research, policy and practice.  Yet, studies show that boys are as equally affected by sex trafficking as girls and along with transgendered youth are considered a high-risk, hidden population.

According to a 2008 John Jay College study in New York, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York as high as 50 percent of commercial sexually exploited children in the United States were boys alone.  These findings coincide with a more recently released study, “And Boys Too” by End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purpose (ECPAT-USA), which discovered that boys make up almost half of the victims. Of the 40 informants contacted in the ECPAT study, 18 said they would serve boys.

3. Many youth show a surprising amount of agency and control over their work

Perhaps most difficult to reconcile in the minds of human rights activists intent on “rescuing” under-age sex workers is the fact that many of these kids don’t believe they need saving and consciously make the decision to work in the sex trade.

Anthony Marcus, Associate Professor of Anthropology at John Jay College, and part of the ground-level research team for the New York and a subsequent Atlanta study found that many youth who engage in commercial sex do not view themselves as sufferers, but rather perceive their ‘work’ as a curious and fascinating lifestyle:

“By definition, a sex trafficking victim is a person suffering extreme distress in a relationship that is exploitive. However, one of the surprising things we found about the street sex market is that young women have a surprising amount of agency.  We encountered so many young women who had expired their pimps who were brutal or bullying them,” he told AlterNet.

(This is Not surprising since if kids are doing this starting at young ages they will adjust and it becomes “normal” which should be extremely disturbing to the reader. I call it human Climate change). -Cat Watters

4.   For most exploited children, their trafficking situation is not the greatest trauma they’ve endured – the majority has a history of sexual abuse and neglect

While most youth entered ‘the life’ of prostitution between the ages of 11-14, their sexual exploitive situation began usually between the ages of 6-10 and documented as a child abuse case, according to Tina Frundt, sex trafficking survivor and founder of anti-trafficking non-profit Courtney’s House.

What’s more, between 70–90 percent of commercially sexually exploited children in the United States have been sexually abused prior to entering ‘the life’ and are runaways with a history of complex trauma that usually begins with a dysfunctional or neglectful family, as Procopio explains:

“These kids enter the system for various types of reasons.  But the underlying reasons are that they come from homes where they are subject to multiple traumas in their childhood, sexual abuse, substance abuse or domestic violence.  In other scenarios, the youth is asked to leave because of gender identification,” he said.

Moreover, 30 percent of children who are trafficked reported sexual abuse by someone in their family and 14 percent disclosed sexual abuse by both someone within and outside of their family, a Williamson & Prior 2009 study revealed.


The revelations into the Anthony Weiner and Podesta emails,, from the www.OurChildrenMatter.net site,


The Podesta emails went public as of October 7, 2016, and were devastating to the Clinton campaign for other reasons, at least initially.

As the Millennium Report pointed out, “John Podesta is not only the ultimate Democratic powerbroker, Beltway insider and powerful political Jixer, his professional resume is both long and deep in the U.S. Federal Government.

“[Podesta] was Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff back in the 1990s, Barack Obama’s Counselor to the President, and Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

There is also tangible proof that the emails are legitimate as DKIM was used on the servers, and the public keys are valid. This was discussed rather thoroughly in the reddit thread before they closed it, although might be covered in the voat thread now.

To date Wikileaks has published over 10 million e-mails without a single fake.

And so far no one has officially contested the validity of the leaked emails.


Out of 2,060 total emails in the first Podesta collection, there are 149 instances of “pizza”, 73 of hot dog, 85 of cheese, 78 of pasta, 41 of sauce, 84 of ice cream and 47 of walnut.

The word “map,” which can refer to a telltale clue that could destroy the entire crime ring if left behind, such as through DNA evidence, appears 917 times.

That’s almost half of all the emails. These words often appear in very, very bizarre contexts that have nothing to do with food. That is one key element of Pizzagate. The term “pizza” itself appears to be code for a

sexual partner, particularly if it is a minor, and again appears 149 times.

Although “walnut” appears 47 times in very strange ways, the equally popular nut “cashew” doesn’t appear even once. This is most likely because “walnut” is a code word and “cashew” is not.

An innocuous, non-code-word junk food like

“French fries” only appears 13 times. “Milkshake” only appears six times.

Law enforcement authorities and online “Urban Dictionary” resources have identified the specific terms we just mentioned – pizza, cheese, sauce, pasta, et cetera – as code words for child sex trafficking.

This is a primer for people who know nothing about “Pizzagate,” except perhaps that the mainstream media has said it’s all a hoax:
You may have even seen the owner of Comet

Ping Pong James Alefantis on Faux News

portraying the victim, after an angry out-of- work actor showed up with an AR-15 rifle at his restaurant and fired off a few rounds.

The gunman had seen the Wikileaks material, including the Instagram screen grabs, and he said he “had to do something.” It all started when Wikileaks released emails from Hilliary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s gmail acct on Oct 7, 2016.
The e-mails were not hacked by “Russians,” they were in fact leaked by people in the US intelligence community who had had enough of the Clintons and their corruption. Watch Steve Pieczenik as he explains in more detail what really happened and why: https://youtu.be/ov5kvWSz5LM (4 min)

The first obvious clue to a huge organized pedophilia network surfaced in 1982 with the disappearance of 12 year old Johnny Gosch in Des Moines Iowa. Noreen Gosch, Johnny’s mother, to this day has not given up on the search for her son and to find out what happened. http:// www.johnnygosch.com/

Noreen’s story alone should have been a national headliner, but what happened to her and her son will really disturb you. Basically, not only did local & Federal law enforcement not help, they were actually in on it and covered it up.

Here’s an interview with Noreen by the late FBI agent Ted Gunderson: https://youtu.be/x7C1cCa8V9s

A VERY important MUST SEE documentary is Conspiracy of Silence

The Documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” was scheduled to air on May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel, but influential members of Congress pressured the cable industry to stop the airing and destroy all copies of it. Here is a copy, and trust me they DON’T want you to see this! https://youtu.be/AY-F5JoHoho

THE FRANKLIN COVER UP In 1989 came the “Franklin Cover Up” scandal, former US Congressman John DeCamp exposed a network of pedophilia in Nebraska that went all the way to the White House: https:// www.amazon.com/Franklin-Cover-up- Satanism-Murder-Nebraska/dp/0963215809/ref=sr_1_1

Here’s a 40-minute video on the Franklin Cover Up featuring Senator John DeCamp: https://youtu.be/CcWrrBceuP4

Video of Paul Bonacci interview by Ted Gunderson who now has Multiple Personality Disorder, abducted and sexually abuse by Larry King since the age of 8, https://youtu.be/-7rciRItHFc

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