March for Science NYC April 22

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Yesterday, over 600 cities marched worldwide. Many of these Satellites are signing on to become a permanent part of the March for Science network. NYC had rainy weather for the March which began at Central Park West on Saturday morning. The route encompassed Central Park West from 71st St, proceed to Broadway via Columbus Circle, and finish at 52nd St & Broadway. Organizers worked closely with NYPD to choose a route length that allowed everyone to have enough space, based on how many registered marchers turned out.

The march ended at 42nd street with the rain coming down in a constant stream.

From the Facebook event page,,

March for Science NYC is a New York based nonprofit that is focused on building bridges between New York’s Scientific and nonscientific communities. We are marching to show support for publicly funded science and scientists. Here, we believe that when you love something as much as we love science, you celebrate it! We are honored to be hosting this march event for our entire community.

In true celebratory fashion, we want our march to feel more like a parade in which you – the amazing and diverse residents of our community – will be showcased as marching science advocates! We invite groups – anyone from official organizations, and school clubs to scout troops, dance squads, book clubs, and sports teams – to register as Marching Science Advocates and march proudly with your own banner telling the world that YOU LOVE & SUPPORT SCIENCE!

We will be continually updating our website and social media with specific times, locations, and details on all the fun as we get closer to the event date. Please register as an individual or group to receive the most up to date information from us via email. DSC09634 DSC09635

Speakers 👩🏾‍🔬
The rally featured a diverse group of speakers, including Diane Nathaniel, a stage three cancer survivor, and Debbie Lee Cohen, Executive Director of Cafeteria Culture, who led a multi-state effort to reduce plastic waste in landfills and the sea by ridding schools of Styrofoam products. Through their panel choices, the march aims to example how ordinary New Yorkers can achieve or benefit extraordinarily through science!

Les Jamieson holding a banner that read,, FAKE NEWS ALERT, Amateur box cutters pulled off 9/11!? Two planes and office fires caused freefall collapse of three steel framed towers!?!?!? Make America Great Again! Say NO to Fake news and Fake Science! Peace depends on it and that’s No Theory! told me why he was marching at the March for Science rally yesterday; “Science denial also applies to 9/11. There’s been peer reviewed scientific research done on the collapse of the towers on 9/11 which should be recognized by the academic community, by the scientific community, all sources of journalism and media. When you consider the facts in terms of scientific investigation on what happened on 9/11 and apply that, what this brings us to is the Official account of how the towers were brought down is false. Because scientific lab based research shows that thee was explosive residue found in the dust and this was never even investigated by the “official” investigation, NIST commission, National Institute of Standards and Technology. The scientific community though, has all these resources now that’s made available because of the research of physicists, engineers, architects and so forth. So, it’s time to fully investigate the science of 9/11 and come to the conclusion that the ‘official’ narrative can’t be true. The implications are the crime has never been thoroughly prosecuted. A lot of evidence was destroyed”. Jamieson also told me that if the scientific community is concerned about the defunding of Climate change and scientific research, “THE ROOTS OF POWER are the SAME ROOTS OF POWER THAT ORCHESTRATED THE EVENTS ON 9/11. THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE HERE. There’s a long history of false flag events here”.
There can be No Vaccine for Stupid. Truth is the vaccine

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This is just the beginning. We are building an organization centered on informed advocacy, community building, and accessible education. We’ll work with Satellites and partners to create new programs and scale existing programs aimed at improving the relationship between science and society.

In the coming days, we ask our leaders to listen to us as we talk to them about the value of science and tell them why we marched. We ask them to support priorities such as:

  • Sustaining and strengthening scientific integrity
  • Using the best-available science to make policy and regulatory decisions
  • Investing in and encouraging research and development in the public sector, and incentivizing investment in research and development in the private sector
  • Supporting broad participation and access to diverse communities’ talents and perspectives
  • Facilitating open communication and collaboration between scientists and the broader public
  • Encouraging scientists to take an active role in public life and policy
  • Creating an environment that fosters a vibrant and diverse international scientific community
  • Building capacity for science education that draws on best-available knowledge and instructs students in scientific practices

United as one movement, and with the support of our leaders, we can take a step forward into a future where science can do its job: protecting and serving the health of our communities, the safety of our families, the education of our children, the foundation of our economy, the freedom of our imaginations, and the future we all want to live in and preserve for coming generations.

We urge our leaders to use the powers of their offices to protect and uplift the role of science in serving society.


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