Ed Hedemann of War Tax Resisters does actions every April 15th outside the IRS educating people on how to not pay War Taxes and where their taxes are going. A large part of their taxes goes to the military. “REFUSE TO PAY SOME OR ALL OF THE MONEY THAT THEY OWE”. “If you’re a waged employee you have to inflate your W4 form with more allowances so that they owe $ to the IRS instead of the IRS owing them $. Half the $ goes to past and present Military spending . It’s a very large part of one’s Federal income tax. THOSE OF US WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN THE WARS THE GOVERNMENT IS WAGING, WE SAY, ‘IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN IT WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR IT?” “The gov doesn’t care if we believe i it or not as long as we pay our taxes. PROTEST, FINE BUT, PAY YOUR TAXES. A REAL Protest is Don’t pay your taxes. Ed Hedemann reroutes his $ to other organizations that are doing good to create a better world instead of giving 100% of it to the IRS. “Consider Re Filing the W4 form claim additional allowances to reduce the amount of $ that is taken from your paycheck and by the end of the year you will owe $ and you can then decide to refuse to pay”.
Ed Hedemann of National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee; If you work for peace, stop paying for war. 1969 Refused induction into the Army during the Vietnam War.1970 While a graduate student in astronomy at the University of Texas, Ed began resisting the war tax on telephone service. Helped form Direct Action, the WRL affiliate in Austin, Texas. 1972 Started resisting and rerouting all his federal income taxes and continues to do so up to the present by filing his returns, including a letter of explanation, and sending the resisted taxes elsewhere. 1973 Joined the national staff of the WRL in NYC (where he remained until 1986) as a locals’ organizer, and dealing with program areas on disarmament, counter-recruiting, draft registration resistance, war tax resistance, nuclear weapons and power. 1977 For a WRL brochure on war tax resistance, Ed developed the WRL’s first pie chart analysis of the government’s military spending. In 1984 this evolved into the first WRL pie chart leaflet, which has been updated and published annually by WRL ever since. 1981 Wrote and edited the first edition of War Tax Resistance, published by the War Resisters League and is now in its fifth edition. 1982 Helped organize the national conference in Washington, D.C., which led to the formation of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. 1998 The U.S. Justice Dept. served him with an “Order to Show Cause.” This resulted in a 1999 appearance Federal District Court (in Brooklyn) to explain before a judge why he should not be held in contempt for refusing to turn over the sources of his assets to the IRS. Among other reasons, Ed explained that he did not want to answer because that might assist government efforts to prosecute him (i.e., the Fifth Amendment defense). The judge accepted this explanation and there have been no further attempts to prosecute. 2007 The IRS begins a new intensive effort to collect by assigning an ATAT (“Abusive Tax Avoidance Transaction”) agent to the case, following Ed’s appearance on “The Neil Cavuto Show” on Fox TV. Flanders-Hedemann Laura Flanders & Ed Hedemann Over the years, he has helped organize numerous “tax day” demonstrations at the IRS, including one at the Manhattan IRS in 1981 that — after two court cases — established the right to leaflet and table inside the public areas of the IRS. Ed has been covered in several newspaper articles, appeared on many radio talk shows and on live national television interview shows.


June Victory Stern wearing a 1040 form as a hat as are many others at the Tax March on Sat April 15th at Bryant Park demanding that Donald Trump reveal his tax returns.


Tens of thousands gathered at Bryant Park NYC and other cities around the country on April 15th demanding the current President to do like his is required and reveal his tax returns.
Trump is the first president in more than 40 years that has not release his tax returns, saying it was because he was under audit. He later said that voters don’t care.


It’s April 15th and our taxes are due. What about you, Donald? Are you going to show us your taxes, or are you just a big chicken?

Trump’s team says the election proved no one cares about his taxes. On April 15th, we’re coming out to tell Trump we care about his taxes, and ask him #WhatAreYouHiding?

Is it…connections with foreign governments? Conflicts of interest? The fact that he avoids paying taxes despite the millions of dollars immigrants and working people pay in taxes?

For every dollar Trump has likely evaded in paying in his taxes, there’s another reason Trump should be releasing his tax returns to his constituents (so there’s millions).

On April 15th at 1pm, we’ll participate in a nation-wide movement right here in NYC . We’ll have speakers, signs, and yes — a gigantic chicken to let 45 know what we think of him.

Visit for more info.

Twitter:@TaxMarchNYC |

Some of the signs displayed around Bryant Park before the start of the march.



A giant inflatable chicken dressed up as Trump were carried along the route to symbolize “that Trump is too chicken to release his taxes.”


Public Advocate Letitia James leading the chant, “No more taxes no more lies, show your taxes show your ties”. Some speakers included creator of House of Cards, Beau Willmon, actress Erin Darke and comedian Jena Friedman. “Today we shine a spotlight on a secret government. We demand an open and transparent government,” James said. “Because sunshine is indeed the best disinfectant. And it is the best defense against corruption. And questionable business interests that will compromise our security as a country.”

DSC09554“Donald Trump is a billionaire reality TV show host who never met a lie that he didn’t embrace,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries told the crowd. “Donald Trump is a living breathing conflict of interest. And the American people deserve to know what the heck he’s hiding from this great republic.”

Although no real mishaps occurred in NYC,, the same could not be said for Florida. Trump’s motorcade had to make a detour due to demonstrators who blocked bridges between his Mar-a-Lago resort and one of his golf courses. Several hundred protesters marched across the bridge that divides West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, chanting and hoisting signs that read “Don the Con,” “Go back to New York,” “Show your taxes!” and “Show me the money!”
Mimicking songs like “Yesterday” from the Beatles, changing the lyrics to; “Yesterday, Facts were facts and science wasn’t strange, Now we don’t believe in Climate Change, Oh, things were better yesterday”. and Amazing Disgrace, how sick the sight, such hateful lunacy. America must stand and fight to save Democracy”.



Performance artist Elliot Crown dressed as the Don holding a bag of “Tax Cheater Fries”
This woman was telling the crowd they could report Trump for not filing his returns


From the group at the end of the march hold their banner and their message in multiple languages, NO!

             DSC09550    DSC09561

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