Metal Mind Control

Screen-Shot-2017-01-10-at-10.45.07-AMOn January 9th 2017, Hot Indie Media was given the opportunity to film Urizen as they played Saint Vitus during the first show on their tour. The crowd at Vitus was eager to hear the band, which only served to add to Urizen’s theatrical antics, onstage and off (for science, of course).

The group opened with a solid song, full of energy and strong enough to grab anyone’s attention. However, with the aid of a Mad Scientist, a few mind control devices, and insanely bright goggles, what could have been a fairly normal setlist and show quickly turned into anything but one. At some points it was difficult to tell who was having more fun, the audience or Urizen’s.

What most stood out was that the performance did more than just to keep the attention and the emotions of the people they were playing for, it also served to help tell the story within the setlist. The energy of the band flowed smoothly from song to song even during their interactions with the crowd. All of these things culminated in an electrifyingly entertaining show to watch and listen to.

While this band might not be considered “mainstream” metal, they certainly are to be taken seriously. These Texas based self described Electro-Metal guys are definitely making thier mark in the scene, and loving every minute of it.

Elena Nearpass

Author: Elena Nearpass