Ground Control To Major Rock Fans: AV Super Sunshine Launches “Bass Face”

avsupersunshineKES Music & Video Distribution, one of Chicago’s entertainment promotion and marketing powerhouses, has completed the countdown sequence and declared “blast off!” with the release of mid-western rock band AV Super Sunshine’s “Bass Face” (Victor House Records). It’s the 3rd commercial release that the two have collaborated on during their successful relationship. To say the least, it’s one small step for man and one giant step for mankind.

Their past work together included “Just Like Kurt” and “Baby Goodbye” (which peaked at #7 on the Billboard charts). With “Bass Face”, which was released earlier this month, they’re shooting for the stars again and the sky’s not the limit any longer. Joining the AV Super Sunshine crew is legendary Detroit session musician and midi guru Michael Bradford (Stevie Nicks/Kid Rock/Madonna/Dave Stewart…). So set your final frontier phasers to “Stun” and load the proton torpedoes, because it’s about to get cosmic out there.

Much of this new record is about the founding member of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin’s AV Super Sunshine’s abduction by extraterrestrials from some galaxy far, far away. While many may find this pretty far fetched you don’t have to delve too deeply into the X-Files to know what agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder would conclude: The truth is out there and the Milky Way is more than just a candy bar.

So what’s really up with the group’s singer/songwriter and founding member? Was he actually kidnapped, examined and probed one night? Or, is he really an alien from another world who’s come to visit, observe and make contact with us? Could he be a human from the future, or just astronomically addled astronaut? We really don’t know, but what we do know is the “Bass Face” CD takes us all more than one step beyond. So buckle up, space cadets, another long strange trip is about to begin.

The twelve titled tracks, and one bonus remix listed as a bonus track, runs the gambit from indie alternative rock to adult album alternative with a touch of synth-pop thrown in for good measure. Featuring songs such as “I Am Alien”, “Star Man” and “Bass Calling Face”, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pick up on the far out sci-fi flavor AV Super Sunshine infuses in their music.

Other songs, such as “Two Hearts”, Melancholy Life” and “Love NYD” are your more typical rock radio heat seekers. “Spider Wedding”, “Rhino” and “Crazy Love” reach into the outer limits of contemporary music while “Steel Bridge”, Crazy Love” and the various “Baby Goodbye” remixes have been carefully calibrated to, shall we say, maintain the zero-gravity vibe and blow your mind at warp speed.

So take your protein pills and put your helmets on, because the journey’s begun again for the AV Super Sunshine band ( and KES Music. Now, remember to retract the orbiter access arm, start the auxiliary power units then have your crew members close and lock their visors before you activate the main engine hydrogen burnoff system. 5…4…3…2…1… Solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff!!!!


Author: Ralph White