World Can’t Wait Speak Out! Stop Endless Wars, Philly

Wednesday, July 27th
“No More Endless Wars” Speak-Out
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Southside of Second Bank (420 Chestnut St.)
With global attention on what happens at the DNC it’s up to us make sure there is opportunity for people to speak- out against the U.S. “war on the world” that has been waged for the past almost 8 years under a Democratic Commander in Chief. We are going to use this space to show attendees and people around the world that that there are people living in this country who represent another way, giving them heart, courage and common cause.

speakout Bob Smith
Bob Smith of Vets for Peace speaking at the Stop Endless Wars Speak Out, put on by World Can’t Wait organization at Chestnut and 5th Streets in Philadelphia last Wednesday during the DNC to bring the awareness that “war” does not make the United States safe and is not about fighting Terrorism. Bob spoke about his time in Vietnam and the atrocities that took place.


Another Veteran for Peace, John Grant, speaking about his time in the military during World War ll. I spoke with Marge Van Cleef who also spoke out at the World Can’t Wait, Stop Endless Wars event in Philly during the DNC about what it was that she shared. She said the United States “engages in War because it can”. I asked her what she meant by that. “THE UNITED STATES FEELS THAT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL PEOPLE AND NO BODY IS SAYING YOU CANNOT”, Marge told me. “We have the $ to produce unlimited weapons. We have the $ to pay people to run these drone command centers so, there’s no reason to not do what we’re doing. ALL IN THE NAME OF THIS WAR ON TERROR WHICH WAS BOGUS IN THE FIRST PLACE. THE DECLARATION OF THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS 2003, 13 YEARS AGO AND IT HAS SPREAD THROUGH OUT THE MIDDLE EAST. But, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM THE POPULATION”.
Emily Yates IVAW
Emily Yates, with Iraq Vets Against the War, sang her anti war song on her banjo. Here is a video of her doing one of her songs.
Speak out 1
A crowd of a hundred and fifty or so gathered around for the speak out presented by World can’t Wait organization to Stop the Endless Wars. World Can’t Wait also put on an Anti War display all week in Philly with models of life size Reaper Drones outside the Arch Street methodist Church which was a main hub for activist during the DNC providing water, AC and a medic space.
Speak out Nick Mottern
Nick Mottern of said his group is getting $ for TV ads that will be coming out in communities located near Drone bases. Nick answered the question a woman had about drones and weather or not drone operators get PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Nick said, Yes, but also talked about another conditioned called “Moral Injury. The conscience is awakened and in some cases have brought on suicides”. Nick spoke about drone operators who’ve had trouble dealing with things they’ve done and seen that the public is being deprived of. “There are no videos of drone attacks, there are no videos of dead bodies. The President has come out with statistics about drone casualties, separating the civilians from the “bad” people. There’s no legitimate reason for us to think there is any killing of “bad” people BECAUSE NON OF THE PEOPLE KILLED, OVER 7, 200 PEOPLE NOW HAVE BEEN KILLED BY U.S. DRONES SINCE 2001. NOT ONE SINLGE PERSON HAS BEEN IN FRONT OF A JUDGE, A JURY. ALL HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED”. Nick spoke about former Congressman Rush Holt who asked Obama to give them information about who is being killed in the Middle East and his letter was constantly ignored. “The drone follows people, Nick said, invading their privacy until the order is given to kill that person. THERE’S A WHOLE LIST OF PEOPLE TO KILL. WE’LL WAIT TO KILL THIS PERSON, WE’LL KILL THIS PERSON ON SITE, Etc.”
Speak out Raging Grannies
2 of the Raging Grannies singing America the Beautiful theme but, with more accurate lyrics. “Let’s reclaim our humanity and make some global friends”.

Speakout 3

Code Pink 4
4 members from CodePink spoke out at the World Can’t Wait speak out in Philly last Wednesday. Code Pink is a pull- no- punches Peace organization with members such as founder Medea Benjamin who are not afraid to step up to the plate and get the job done. CODE PINK site – The co-founder of CODEPINK has become famous for fearlessly tackling head-on subjects most of us studiously avoid. Sometimes, she does so in person—as during President Obama’s speech at the National Defense University, or during a reception for drone manufacturers and members of Congress, or in Cairo, where she was assaulted by police. Medea asked the crowd who they thought would take us into more endless wars, Trump or Hillary. “We don’t know know what Trump would do. He’s a little unhinged and that’s not very good when it comes to things like war and peace and nuclear weapons. We know what Hillary has done and that’s not good for those of us who want to live in a peaceful world”. Bernie Sanders delegates were ranking the issues they thought were most important. war/peace, foreign policy, Israel/Palestine all ranked about 3%. “say Booooo”, medea Benjamin. “Booo”, from the crowd. “It’s something we ought to reflect on”. “The issue we have a lot of momentum especially with young people on campuses and faith based communities is the issue around justice for Palestine”.

Codepink 1

Raed Jarrar , “The rhetoric coming from some of the presidential candidates have raised the issue to become a national concern. ALL presidential candidates have problematic language when it comes to Muslim Americans. I was at the DNC attending the activities and I WAS SHOCKED TO HEAR PRESIDENT CLINTON’S SPEECH, WHAT HE ACTUALLY ALSO ALLUDED INDIRECTLY TO DEPORTING MUSLIM AMERICANS.” Raed described what Bill Clinton said about Muslims having to prove their support for the U.S., IF they love “freedom and IF they hate “terrorism” as a condition to stay and work on the battle. “The conditionality, for me as a Muslim American, that I have to Prove that I love the U.S. that I love Freedom and I hate terrorism to earn the right to be in this country, that is an unreasonable demand of Muslim Americans. THAT IS A DEMAND THAT WE HAVE TO ALL SAY NO TO “.

These actions are sponsored by World Can’t Wait, Brandywine Peace Community, CodePink, and the Philadelphia Area Anti-Drone Network. Endorsed by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Catholic Peace Fellowship/Philadelphia Chapter, Green Party of Philadelphia, Manhattan Green Party, NYC Metro Raging Grannies, NY Granny Peace Brigade, Peace Center of Delaware County, Veterans for Peace Chapters 31 & 34 and Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (Greater Philadelphia Branch).

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