“Who is the Serial Killer? NYPD”, says Attorney Lynne Stewart on the case of Nicholas Heyward Jr.

Retired NYPD Detective Graham speaking at the Press Conf. outside DA Ken Thompson’s office at 350 Jay St. on Friday for Nicholas Heyward Jr., a 13 year old honor student who was killed by NYPD in 1994 while playing with friends and brightly colored plastic toy guns in the stairwell of the Wycoff houses where he lived. The cop who shot and killed Nicholas Jr., Brian George, recently retired in November with a pension. The witnesses said Nicholas Jr saw George, who asked the boys what they were doing in the stairwell then dropped the gun saying, “Where only Playing, We’re Only Playing”, and George fired hitting Heyward Jr in the stomach. Graham Weatherspoon was explaining to the press and supporters about a “cold” case. The National Institute of Justice currently defines a cold case as any case whose probative investigative leads have been exhausted. In essence, this means a case that is only a few months old may be defined as being “cold.” A criminal investigation that has not been solved after a considerable time but remains “on the books”; may be reopened when new evidence appears. Nicholas Heyward Sr. had hopes that the new DA Ken Thompson would re open the case that the previous DA, Charles Hynes, covered up, according to Weatherspoon and Heyward Sr.
Nicholas Heyward Sr. to the left of Graham Weatherspoon who is speaking about a “Cold” case, a missing person case of a NY State Supreme Court Justice who’s been missing for more than 90 years. “That case is still on the books, the case was never closed, a cold case”, said Weatherspoon. “And there’s no statute of limitation which means you can be prosecuted for homicide today or 50 years from now”. Supporter holding sign of Cop Brian George who killed Nicholas Heyward Jr. Mr Weatherspoon is helping Nicholas Heyward Sr not allow the case of his son’s killing become a “cold” case. They have the witnesses the DA Charles Hynes said they didn’t have, the friends Nicholas Jr was playing with that fatal day that are now in their 30’s who are willing to come forward and speak about what they witnessed along with the documents and journaling Heyward Sr did for the last 22 years.
Mr Weatherspoon spoke about Police on the job who are afraid. Who are in neighborhoods with people of different backgrounds and cultures for the first time. “People come into situations with pre conceived ideas” about other people. “The worst thing you can do is give a gun to a person who’s scared. It’s like a drunk behind the wheel of a car, it’s the same thing. They put on a tough persona,, ‘I’m tough’ but, they’re scared. That’s why the first thing they reach for is the gun”. Weatherspoon spoke about when he was with NYPD he worked in a shirt and tie with No bullet proof vest. “We were burying a cop a month and the cops weren’t killing people the way they’re killing the people today”. I asked Mr Weatherspoon if the NYPD quota system has any effect, if any, on what happened to Nicholas Heyward Jr. He replied bringing up Bratton and his Broken Windows policing. Weatherspoon didn’t think it had a correlation to what happened to Nicholas Jr. Weatherspoon said when he was a cop he had to “catch someone in the act. I wasn’t searching people going through their pockets”. “A radio and a gun does not identify someone as a police officer. A badge does not identify someone as a police officer”, Weatherspoon said. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out his wallet, Weatherspoon said, “There’s only one thing that identifies someone as a police officer”, taking out his NYPD ID card, “is an ID card, that’s the only thing”. “PEOPLE HAVE BEEN RAPED AND ROBBED BY PEOPLE WITH BADGES AND GUNS AND THEY WEREN’T POLICE OFFICERS”.
Attorney MJ Williams said that Brian George was famous for walking around the Gowanus houses with is gun drawn in 1994. MJ referred to the “cold” case as sounding hopeless but, it isn’t because “We have the killer, Brian George, he’s still alive. We have witnesses, the kids, they’re still alive, they’re willing to talk. We have the physical scene, the Gowanus houses, it’s still there to look at. We have deposition testimony from 2 years after this happened from the killer Brian George. We have evidence like this replica, miniature toy gun. We have meticulous records that Nicholas Heyward kept SO EVEN THOUGH THE DA’S OFFICE AND NYPD LOST THEIR FILES AND ARE CALLING THIS A COLD CASE THIS IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE MOVED ON NEXT WEEK”
Wife, Donna, of Nicholas Heyward Sr. holding the replica plastic toy gun Nicholas Jr. was playing with in 1994 when he was 13 years old and shot and killed by NYPD Brian George.
Nicholas Heyward Sr calling for the indictment of former DA Charles Hynes for numerous cover ups including the one of his son Nicholas Jr. A NY Post article, Indictments could be imminent as a federal grand jury meets this week in an ongoing probe of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office under former prosecutor Charles Hynes, a source told The Post. Investigators have been scrutinizing the operation of the office, including allegations that Hynes improperly used money forfeited by criminals. http://nypost.com/2016/05/28/indictments-looming-in-probe-of-ex-brooklyn-da-charles-hynes/
Ralph Poynter, husband of the infamous People’s attorney, Lynne Stewart, attended Friday’s press Conference. He told me why,, “When are We the People going to stop supporting organizations like the Democratic party that supports corrupt prosecutor’s offices that are in bed with killer cops? and Hynes, who’s the epitome of a corrupt prosecutor’s office in bed constantly with killer cops. We follow along thinking Hillary and Trump are the issues. THEY ARE NOT, We are the issue and we must stop this nonsense of supporting anyone who merely says we are being represented by them. We have to have representation in the prosecutors office as well as other divisions of Gov”. What Mr Poynter says to those who support either Hillary or Trump,, “WAKE UP, THE TIME IS NOW, WAKE UP”.
Nicholas Heyward Sr with the People’s Attorney, the Infamous Lynne Stewart. Stewart, who’s been supporting Mr. Heyward for many years, told me,, “IT’S AS IF WE HAVE A SERIAL KILLER OUT HERE THAT NO BODY IS PAYING ATTENTION TO. The serial killer kills and kills, it’s always the same. They want us to be convinced it never really happened. WHO IS THE SERIAL KILLER? NYPD”


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