“THIS IS ELECTION FRAUD ON A GRAND SCALE”, Yvonne Gougelet of #NYPrimaryProblems

Yvonne Gougelet organizer from #NYPrimaryProblems outside 42 Broadway, the NYC Board of Elections addressing the crowd who was waiting to enter the building and go to the 6th floor where a hearing on Voter Fraud, among other things, was held. “Thousands of Voters in NYC had their party switched from Democrat to Independent or unaffiliated and they would say, “I’m a registered Democrat for 20 years'”, said Yvonne Gougelet when I arrived. People showed up to vote for the Primary on April 19th. It said on the website they were registered Democrats and they were turned away anyway. Even those who were able to fill out affidavits, over 100 thousand in NYC from last week’s Commissioners meeting, according to the BoE Executive Director, “THOSE VOTES ARE NOT COUNTED TOWARDS THE VOTES OF THE PRIMARY! WHAT? NO!” “SO THEY TURNED AWAY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND SWITCHED THIER PARTIES AND TOLD NEW VOTERS THE WRONG DATE, SO THAT’S SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE, THEN, A HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE WERE NOT ABLE TO VOTE ON ACTUAL BALLOTS”. “THIS IS ELECTION FRAUD ON A GRAND SCALE AND IT’S UNACCEPTABLE”.
Brian Douglas of #NYPrimaryProblems “A Lot of these issues are not new issues, they go back to 2010 almost and they were specifically called out by the NY Dept. of Investigations in 2014, And 2012”, someone called out. “AT WORST THIS IS ELECTION FRAUD, AT BEST, IT IS RANKED INCOMPETENCE AND IT SHOULD NOT BE STOOD FOR”.
Activist Marni Halasa, one of the activists from Occupy Wall Street and voters who had their vote stolen entering the Board of Elections for the hearing on NYC Voter purging and fraud.
Lucky baby,, being taught about standing up for your right to vote.
Commissioners of the BoE taking their seats before the start of the hearing yesterday, May 3rd.
“President” from the Bronx receiving unfiltered anger and truth from the people they are to be serving. Because the BoE stalled for a couple of hours and put another hearing before this one, I could not stay. A video of the hearing can be found here ,, https://youtu.be/K5S1penT9Nc


This is a snap of a video of the Veteran speaking his mind to the “president” and “commissioners” at the BoE. This veteran was so outraged and rightly so, he cussed. His cussing was not allowed but, their allowed to violate your Constitutional right to vote. “SHUT THE FUCKING ELECTION DOWN UNTIL EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF”. he said. He was asked to leave by the guard. This is how they maintain their leverage, The keep you under a strangle hold and not even allowed to have your JUST anger,, but look at what they do and get away with. The people have little recourse. The people have to start NOW to cultivate what these people in “power” are supposed to be doing. “YOU WANT US TO STAND HERE AND BELIEVE THAT YOU SCAPEGOATED A REPUBLICAN BUT, WHEN THE DEMOCRATS SWITCH REGISTRATION ALL OF A SUDDEN NOBODY GETS FIRED”. “YOU’RE GOING TO LOOK AT US CITIZENS LIKE WE’RE MORONS?” He said to Bianka Perez, as the people cheered and clapped.
An interview with Yvonne Gougelet in the hallway at the BoE where the hearing with the ‘heads’ of the BoE and voters, poll workers, witnesses to the audits to come today to speak. “I’m an advocate for the people who were not able to vote, they have kids, they have a life. I AM A VOTING RIGHTS ADVOCATE”. “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAPPENED IS THE THE VOTES NEED TO BE CERTIFIED BY THE BoE. THAT MEANS THE TALLIE THEY GOT NEED T BE TURNED OVER TO THE STATE IN 2 DAYS. ONCE THOSE VOTES ARE CERTIFIED BY THE BOE NO EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD CAN STOP ANYTHING”. “There’s a stamp saying Hillary won by this amount, Trump won by this amount and it’s stamped and signed and nothing can change that vote”. “What we’re trying to do today and what lawyers are trying to do in court is that we’re trying to stop that certification in 2 days and it’s absolutely unacceptable”. “It’s not just happening in NYC, the BoE sent out 66 thousand postcards to newly registered voters WITH THE WRONG DATE, saying the the PRIMARIES WERE HAPPENING IN SEPTEMBER”, instead of April. “UNACCEPTABLE! That’s called VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT”. “They’re trying to confuse voters and that is ELECTION FRAUD”.
The hearing room at the BoE filling up with voters, activist and poll workers who will eventually get a chance to speak. “The fact that they were denied the right to vote undermines Democracy,undermines the fundamental principles of this Nation”, one female vet spoke who was able to vote but, said of her elder neighbors who were not. She said she didn’t go to war but many of her friends did and didn’t come back,, just to get their vote thrown away.





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