#March4Bernie NYC–we are gonna win NY! Foley Square to Union Square

The crowd was already large at Foley Square in lower Manhattan yesterday at around noon where Bernie Sanders supporters met before marching up to Union Square at 1pm. A man selling BLACK LIVES MATTER BERNIE T Shirts



Celebrity guest speakers include actress Rosario Dawson, Oscar nominated film director Josh Fox, Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and musical guests Pants Velour. Representatives of New York’s labor community are speaking (TWU100, NNU, NYSNA, CWA, APWU). A striking Verizon worker will be speaking.


11:00am Arrive Foley Square for initial programing

1:00pm March to Union Square

2:30pm Arrive at Union Square

3:00pm Launch of the largest door-to-door canvass in New York history for a presidential campaign

“Sanders’ growing popularity among millennial voters is not just reflected by the lead that he now has nationally,” said Moumita Ahmed, an organizer with the grassroots group People for Bernie, “The outpouring of support and energy has completely electrified every single event that we put on. Young Americans understand that the only way to ensure our nation’s future vibrancy is to fight for progressive change and political revolution against the moneyed interests.”

People for Bernie and various other New York groups including Millennials for Bernie, Teachers for Bernie, LGBT for Bernie and Latinos for Bernie, organized an earlier march in January which had over 5,000 people participating.

“The total turnout of Sanders supporters is expected to be in the thousands,” said People for Bernie organizer Mindy Rosier, “The on and offline organizing efforts of supporters of Bernie has been truly remarkable.”

Sanders continues to solidify his lead in both support and enthusiasm among younger voters. According to a new survey put out by USA Today/Rock The Vote, Sanders holds an 11% lead among voters ages 18-34.

FB event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1704785953140816/

http://www.peopleforbernie.com/march_for_bernie_nyc The event was organized by

A creative sign in support of Bernie Sanders to End War at Foley Square in NYC yesterday before the march to Union Square to encourage the public to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primary
Under a beautiful April sky and temps in the upper 60s across from the Supreme Court house at Foley Square, thousands began gathering to march to Union Square to send the message that the people will not stand for any more “business as usual” corruption as one supporter told me. “The people are tired of $ in Politics and the few “Billionaires” rigging the system against the many”.
Getting ready to march north to Union Square from Foley Square.
FAMILIES for Bernie Sanders



YOUTH FOR BERNIE,, as they pass in front of 100 Centre Street, the court house where many protestors have had to go after being arrested for standing up for their rights and challenging the status quo, business as usual.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor come out and march 4 Bernie Sanders
Passing a Bitcoin center,, an attempt the people took at taking power away from those too irresponsible to handle it. I wonder what Bernie Sanders views on Bitcoin are?
The front of the march arrives at 14th Street waiting to cross into Union Square park. chanting “WE ARE THE PEOPLE, THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE AND BERNIE SANDERS”.
On the steps at Union Square park, supporters standing up for basic human needs,,


A shot of Union Square park and the #March4Bernie crowd from across the street and upstairs in Wholefoods
Rosario Dawson spoke in support of Bernie Sanders for the next President. She thanked the crowd for coming in for neighboring states and for their commitment to justice. She spoke about the $ in Politics being used against the people. Bernie runs his message on truth and the people would be there for him. She asked Why didnt Hillary take that risk instead of having superpacs?
“VIVA LA REVOLUCION! ” Rosario Dawson inciting the crowd to chant.
“THERE CAN BE ANOTHER WAY” Spending thousands of $ for dinners is not the only way to do things.


Rosario Dawson at Union Square park NYC on Sat April 16

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