#JusticeForAkaiGurley Press Conference calling for support April 14th at 320 Jay St. Brooklyn 0900

Joshua Lopez, who’s Uncle John Collado was shot and killed by undercover NYPD in September of 2011 wearing T shirt calling DA Ken Thompson a Sell Out for writing a letter to Judge Danny Chun recommending No Jail time for NYPD cop Peter Liang after he was found Guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter in February which carries anywhere from a 5-15 year term.
Carmen Ojeda, mother of Briana Ojeda speaking at the press conference today. Briana Ojeda died after having an asthma attack in August of 2010 when her mother was stopped by NYPD Alfonzo Mendez who detained Carmen from getting her daughter the ER which was 1 block away. Michael Ojeda, Briana’s father, said Mendez tried to hide after the death of Briana. Mendez was charged on 7 counts including wrongful death and official misconduct. The Ojeda’s are still awaiting justice.
Hawa Bah,, mother of slain Mohammed Bah, who was shot 10 times when she called for an ambulance for her son Sept 25th 2012. From a Huffington Post article on Oct 7, 2015,, “A police officer straddled Mr. Bah while he was still alive and breathing on the ground, bent over and shot him in the head to finish the job”. Debra Cohen, a lawyer for the Bah family. According to police statements at the time, Bah then threw open the door and lunged at officers with a knife. But according to Cohen, that never happened. Instead, when an officer fired a stun gun to subdue Bah, it missed and hit another officer, causing the hit officer to fall over and knocking down another, Cohen said Tuesday. One officer then possibly mistook the sensation of being tasered for being stabbed and screamed out, “I’m being stabbed! Shoot him!” Three officers then fired 10 shots, striking Bah seven times. He took three bullets in his stomach and lower chest and three in his upper left arm and shoulder. The seventh and final shot, which hit Bah in the side of the head, was fired from close range in a downward trajectory, the autopsy showed, even though Bah was over 6 feet tall. This evidence combined with officers’ testimony, Cohen said, means “the only logical explanation is that a police officer straddled Mr. Bah while he was still alive and breathing on the ground, bent over and shot him in the head to finish the job — while he was a threat to no one, while he had committed no crime.” Today Mrs. Bah said that her and her son did not want the Police, they wanted and ambulance. The police did not leave, “They broke in the door and shot him 10 times from the head to the heart. My son was an honor College student. We need justice for the family of Akai Gurley”.
Pictured, Carmen Ojeda and Hawa Bah at Press Conference today at 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn outside the office of DA Ken Thompson who wrote a letter of recommendation of NO JAIL TIME for convicted NYPD Cop Peter Liang for the wrongful death of Akai Gurley Nov 20 2014.
Caroline Lopez, mother of Carlos Lopez, held this picture of her son who was shot and killed by NYPD Detective Alfred Robinson across the street from 658 Gates Ave on 5/1/03. Robinson lost sight of the perp he was chasing and put his sights on Carlos instead. Lillian, Carlos’ sister said, “They say he had on Nike boots, my brother had on sneakers, they say he had on jeans. My brother had a sweatsuit.” Still, the Lopez family lost the case; the judge ruled in favor of Robinson and claimed he did his duty. Caroline Lopez said the cops shot at her son from their vehicle saying Carlos was pointing a gun at them. “THERE WAS NO GUN FOUND ON MY SON AND THEY DRAGGED HIM FROM THE LEFT SIDE TO THE RIGHT AND PUT HIM IN FRONT OF A CHURCH TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HE RAN FROM 685 Gates Ave. “THEY DID A COVER UP” 9/23/03, DA Charles Hynes told me there’s no gun powder residue on m son, that I should get an attorney because a cop shot my son for no reason”. “It’s going to be 13 YEARS. THEY TOLD ME MY SON NEVER KILLED JAMES HODGE”. The son of Carlos Lopez stepped up who never saw his father and was born one month after his father was shot and killed by NYPD. “HE WANTS TO KNOW WHY HIS FATHER IS DECEASED?”, said Caroline Lopez. “Ken Thompson, the DA, Scott Springer, Obama or any other man,, “WHO”S GOING TO BE THE MENTOR FOR HIM?” “I WANT JUSTICE. MY SON WAS NEVER ARRESTED, HE WAS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT. HE WAS GETTING HIS GED THE NEXT WEEK AND HE WAS GUNNED DOWN”. “They even put a Hoodie on my son. When we went to trial Nov 2011, they didn’t bring the gun, they didn’t bring his clothing. I said, Where’s my son’s clothing? WE DESTROYED IT WE DIDN’T THINK YOU NEEDED IT NO MORE AND THAT’S A COVER UP”. THE COP SAID IN THE TRANSCRIPT THAT WHEN HE EXITED THE VEHICLE HE DIDN’T SEE NO GUN ON MY SON. “They just want to shoot to kill, get a pension, get a check, go home and do what they want to do and we gotta sit and cry every day and bury our child”. “I”M NOT GIVING UP TIL I GET JUSTICE”.
Caroline Lopez with her grandson, who was born one moth after her son Carlos was killed by NYPD, and her daughter Lillian outside DA Ken Thompson’s office at 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn today seeking justice for Akai Gurley. Sentencing for NYPD cop Peter Liang who killed Akai Gurley with a stray bullet sentencing is 0900 April 14th at 320 Jay St. The family is calling for all who can come out in support.
Son of Carlos Lopez and Joshua Lopez, no relation.
Joshua Lopez speaking for his Uncle, John Collado, who was killed by undercover NYPD cop in 2011. Joshua also spoke saying, “I’m not just speakng out for my Uncle but, also for Akai Gurley and every other family out here.” “WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY DO WE WANT TO LIVE IN? YOU CAN’T GO DOWN THE STAIR WELL WHERE YOU LIVE”. I THINK DA KEN THOMPSON NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI JUST LIKE THESE COPS, TAKING $ AND ILLEGAL GIFTS”. “WE NEED TO DO LIKE THEY DID IN CLEVELAND AND CHICAGO, IF THEY’RE NOT HERE FOR THE PEOPLE WE NEED TO GET THEM OUTTA HERE”.
“Peter Liang was Lying on the stand and it’s been proven that he was lying. It was proven that he went back and was looking for the gun shell. WHY DID HE DO THAT? HE DID THAT BECAUSE ONCE HE FOUND THAT SHELL HE COULD SAY THAT HE WASN’T EVEN IN THAT BUILDING.”- Nicholas Heyward Sr., another family member of a victim killed by NYPD, his son, Nicholas Heyward Jr., back in 1994 and is still seeking justice.
Mother of Justin Smith who was killed by Police in Tulsa OK. DA Ken Thompson was elected because he promised to “protect the people and he’s protecting the cops who KILL THE PEOPLE”. This, from a website called PoliceCrimes.com,, August 14, 1998. Tulsa: While handcuffed in police custody, Justin was brutally beaten by several officers after being pursued by Tulsa (Okla.) sheriffs and police on a 30-minute high speed chase. Police came up on Justin while he was driving on a deserted road allegedly for having faulty bright lights on his car. Justin pulled over once he reached a residential area, then got out of the car and ran. Police beat him. A witness said that when Justin spit in his attackers face, the police beat him to death. Rather than call an ambulance to the scene where witnesses were present, officers transported his lifeless body to a nearby gas station, supposedly to buy gasoline en route to the jail. Emergency medical assistance was called to the gas station, but Justin could not be resuscitated. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The medical examiners report stated that Justin died from ôacute cocaine intoxication (312 ng/ml in his blood and 905 ng/g in his brain) and the vigorous physical exertion related to his apprehension and arrest. His mother questions the validity of the cocaine report. The only official explanation for the large bruises on his body was for haandcuff injuries. No possible explanation was given for a dark bruise on his temple, where witnesses said he was kicked by police, or for other severe bruises on his neck, chest, and back. His mother requested the assistance of the NAACP. The Tulsa County Medical Examiner covered up for the cowards who killed my son and lied about their murderous actions, said his mother, Johnsye Andree Smith. There is no conceivable way the examiner could ignore Justin was beaten. To do so was irresponsible and immoral. This has happened time and time again in Tulsa, as in the case of Herrod Boyd, who was sadistically tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered by the TPD in 1992. America can no longer continue to cover up these criminal acts by killer cops. I am pleading with every parent, family or loved one of everyone killed by this country’s paid assassins called police to contact each other and get organized. Coming together is the only way we can collectively survive our never-ending agony, get justice for our loved ones and help insure that one day our streets will be safe from the most God-forsaken, heartless killers this country has ever produced.
Sandy Gray speaking about her nephew, Kimani Gray, killed by police. From a THINKPROGESS article,, In 2013, 16-year-old Kimani Gray was killed when two plainclothes New York Police officers shot him seven times. Police claimed Gray had a gun, though witnesses disagreed with the officers’ story. The two police involved in the shooting, Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, have not faced any charges as a result of the shooting. Nicholas Heyward Sr. spoke briefly stating that it’s just recently been disclosed that Kimani’s DAN was not on the gun the cops claimed he had in his hand. “KIKI GRAY WAS UNARMED AND THEY MURDERED HIM”. Sandra spoke to the family of Carlos Lopez and told the son of Carlos that he looked like her nephew, “HE WAS CHARMING JUST LIKE YOU, ALL THE GIRLS USED TO LIKE HIM”. Sandy went on saying how her nephew was portrayed by the media as some “gang banger. He was on the honor roll “. “IT’S NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY. People say, Why does the family continue to do this. THE PAIN STILL LASTS WITHIN THE FAMILY. THERE ARE DAYS WHEN YOU JUST CAN’T GET UP, AND TEARS JUST COME DOWN”. Sandy hugged Carlos Lopez’ son. Sandy spoke about one of Kimani Gray’s friends was is “Mentally messed up” who was there to see and hear when KIMANI GRAY WAS BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE”. The system doesn’t get professional help for these kids, she said, “and these kids stay on the street still So Bitter against the whole system”
Hertencia Petersen, “Aunt T” to Akai Gurley and others read a statement she had prepared. She began,, “We are all Akai Gurley. Today Akia, tomorrow your loved ones”. Hertencia read a passage from Ecclesiastic 1:9 “What happened before will happen again, there’s nothing knew in this whole world.” “What about the people, the people that pay your salary?”. Hertencia referred to Ken Thompson being investigated by the FBI, “Corruption starts at the top”,, she said. “Those at the top will fall, by any means necessary”, using the famous quote by Malcolm X. “If we have to stand together as a family, to dismantle this system until someone hear our voice, until someone looks at our children as human beings then, you will always hear our voice. Hertencia went on to mention Commissioner Bill Bratton saying, it’s ok for him to curse the people who “pay your salary”. Hertencia called Bratton “One Racist Individual”. “It’s not your loved one, it’s not your child ‘accidentally’ shot”. “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HOLD POLICE OFFICERS ACCOUNTABLE?” “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HOLD THE DA’S OFFICE RESPONSIBLE?” “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, We’re tired. Mother’s are tired of burying their children. PETER LIANG MUST SERVE JAIL TIME”. Hertencia asked, if it was Akai Gurley who shot and killed Peter Liang if Ken Thompson would write a letter to the judge asking for no jail time?” Someone in the crowd,, saying, “Hell no.” “YOUR OFFICE PROSECUTED HIM, YOU GOT A CONVICTION. Our loved ones are important to us”. “Peter Liang, say Hi to your Mom through the bars”.


The Family of all those killed by Police are asking the public to come out for the sentencing of NYPD Peter Liang on April 14th at 320 Jay street, Brooklyn at 0900 hours.

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