Hillbilly Vegas ’76 Music Review

Oklahoma City, Okla., country-rockers Hillbilly Vegas sound exactly like you want them to sound – full of personality, a sip of twang and rocking guitar licks. Heck, you want to buy ’em a beer after listening to their EP ’76.

In “Can’t Go Home” the flavorful guitar bridge and colorful lyrics like “I’m dead broke, drunk as hell” sit just fine. It’s a fun, windows-down driving song.

“Long Way Back” has a solid acoustic guitar bed. The small-town references and roaring harmonies collectively rock. It’s a softer song vocally, but solid percussion and tight guitar work triumph.

“High Time For a Good Time” is radio-ready. Vocalist Steve Harris exudes soul, yet a smooth, whiskey-laced presentation, backed by a perfectly tight guitar.

I thought Harris’ vocals were especially showcased in “Losin’ To Win.” This track has vulnerable lyrics, emotional delivery and sadness. Yet, Harris gives a shining hope to the listener. The stumbling acoustic guitar seems to mirror his tone with little brightness. Notch this song as the EP’s standout.

“2 Gun Town” charges the rails like a Sammy Hagar meets Dwight Yoakam track. It’s killer! I love the sliding guitar and pesky percussions.

Overall, ’76 is a fun, full selection. Listeners that are on the fence about country music, will find something they like here. Like Vegas, they have some flashy guitars and roaring vocals that come in like a strong wind; like Oklahoma, they wrap the songs in broad strokes, whereas the landscapes are on solid, rock ground.



Author: Melissa Kucirek