From Here to There (2014) – Movie Review

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 8.48.30 AMFrom here to there is an exciting new independently made documentary showing Cory DeMeyers and Jesse La Flair in their adventures of popularizing a sport (as well as themselves) known as parkour, a running, jumping, free runningĀ  activity. They travel worldwide on a quest to find the best parkour spots as well as competing in breathtaking tournaments. You witness how everyday people interact with this new amazing sport.

The film making, done by Cory DeMeyers and Jesse La Flair as directors and Carol Martori as editor, gives you a behind the scenes look in to the lives of a parkour artist in such a way that you feel as if you’re in a trance.

While watching this film you feel like all that matters to you is parkour. You feel as if you have been transformed in to an extraordinary parkourist. You feel one with the sport. One with the film, and one with the people.

You can’t stop watching the magic in front of the camera, and even behind it.

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Author: Xavi Liebling