The 26th Annual Tribute To Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage at CONEY ISLAND

at 12:00pm – 7:00pmDSC06023

Medgar Evers College City University of New York And The People of the Sun Middle Passage Collective.
Presents: “The 26th Annual Tribute To Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage.”
With a day of Reflection as we honor the Spirit of our Ancestors who died during the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean and North and South America where they were being taken as captive slaves.
We will celebrate their lives with Libation, Drumming, Dancing, Singing, Poetry, Storytelling and Love.DSC06011

With frankincense burning Ras Osagyefo led the gatherers in healing and honoring the 4 directions, north, south, east & west.DSC06054




NY. Hosted by Habte Selassie and Ras Osagyefo with Opening Libation by Menes de Griot and the Shanto Drummers

Later in the early evening, yoga was practiced.

‘Rise up this morning on a super super High giving thanks to the Creator of life, my throat is hoarse after a great day of paying Tribute to the Ancestors but my spirit is still dancing to the drums, one love to all who made is out to the water and all who were there in spirit, pure blessings”DSC06043

“Thanks to Patrice C Queen and her Drummers Troops who were on the beach calling on the spirits of the ancestors from 4am Saturday morning and them stayed all day to keep the energy alive one blessed love my friends you were on point”.. .- Ras Osagyefo



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