Music Review: Chainflower EP

chainflowerWhat happens when two powerful forces strike each other? An explosive, high energy, bombastic sound, of course.

Comprised of L.A. music vet, Kelly Wheeler (guitarist and songwriter) and powerhouse vocalist (understatement on ‘powerhouse’) Erika Renee. While the duo is called Chainflower, Wheeler’s path to this project has included collaborations with members fromĀ Guns N’ Roses, Tool, Jane’s Addition and more. He’s definitely in his wheelhouse in the two tracks.

In “Fever” the blazing guitar is like a crotch rocket cycle – zipping through sensual, high energy vocals. I imagined this track playing in some sort of chase movie scene, recalling the epic scene from “Terminator 2” with GNR playing “You Could Be Mine.” Alas, “Fever” is an amazing start.

“Dissolve in the Sky” has a piercing chain of guitar events. Renee’s vocals are a perfect companion to Wheeler’s devilish guitar taunts here. I feel silly saying this song is joyful because it’s hard rock and centers on addition, but the lyrics and production are bright with positivity. There’s this strange intensity in Renee’s voice that blankets the monsters.

Just two tracks; two solid home runs. High marks for Chainflower!



Author: Melissa Kucirek