Music Review: Don Puglisi ‘Bubbles of Light’ EP

Don_Puglisi_CoverCompelling is a key word when describing singer/songwriter Don Puglisi. His voice is peculiar like the Psychedelic Furs’ Richard Butler. Like Butler, Puglisi’s presence is evocative of another world; his delivery is capable of drawing in several musical genres.

In “Ricochet Girl” the layers of pop-rock fueled tempos and classic 70s folk rock merge. I liked this track, and found after a few more listens it struck me as more compelling than what I initially encountered. I’m glad I took another listen! This song has vibrant vocals and a killer bass line.

Puglisi explores a different base in the title track. It’s a stark contrast in that his music bed is more electronic, more thrush with tinnier percussions and vibrations. His delivery is more dramatic. I didn’t like this track as much as “Ricochet Girl” but I was still compelled to the production.

“Summer Ends” is a fantastic, full of life track. This song really brought in a whole new color pallet in terms of Puglisi’s ‘brush.’ I found the lyrics to be meandering (in a good way!) through a story like the winding pathway to the beach. The guitar strumming had such subtly and command all-at-once.

The final track “Goodbye New York (remix)” is a repeat. Fans of Puglisi’s work will recognize one of his signature tracks. The way he builds up the chorus, alongside his compelling lyrics really shines here.

Overall, I give very high marks for Puglisi’s “Bubbles of Light.” I found myself humming along, re-playing and wrapping myself into his every note.



Author: Melissa Kucirek