PHOTOS: Ray McGovern and Protestors at CIA Headquarters, McClean, VA – 10 January 2015

3rd Stop on the Close GITMO 13th Anniversary weekend of Actions on Sat,, The newly released and redacted CIA Torture report, the one and only CIA HQ in McLean, VA.

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern was speaking about George W. Bush, when I arrived,, who wanted to blame Iraq for 911. “On the evening of 911 itself, and we have this from Dick Clarke, who was there”, “We’re gonna Kick some Ass” said George W. Bush. George also went to George Tenet and said “We’re gonna go into Afghanistan and we”re gonna take some prisoners, you got some guys who can do that?” George Tenet said, “We don’t have any interrogators much less torturers but, I know here we can get em. We have some folks left over from Vietnam and Special Operations. First person Tortured, anybody know? He was an American, JOHN WALKER LINDH. He was at wrong Place wrong time”.

Ray McGovern then went on to explain torture,, eve using John McCain’s words,, “Torture gives our country a bad Name”. “#2 Torture endangers our own troops. Is that True? Of course it is, look what just happened in Paris, what Medea mentioned, One of those shooters was radicalized because he saw the pictures from Abu Ghraib. 3rd reason we shouldn’t torture,” It Brutalizes people,, it Brutalizes you guys, pointing to the Police Officers standing guard protecting the CIA.” “The 4th reason, Torture doesn’t work. You don’t have to take my word for it, the head of Army Intelligence, Gen. John Kimmons, the 6th of Sept 2006, “No good intelligence has ever come from abusive interrogation practices. History shows that the experience of the last 5 years, hard years, when John Walker Lindh was the guinea pig for Torture”.

Also at CIA HQ, Peace Activist Kathy Kelly, pictured with Ray McGovern, is about to begin a three-month prison sentence for protesting the U.S. drone war at a military base in Missouri earlier this year. Kelly, along with another activist, was arrested after offering bread and an indictment against drone warfare. Kelly is the co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a campaign to end U.S. military and economic warfare.

Debra Sweet from World Can’t Wait also Spoke,, videos can be found at the World Can’t Wait site

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