PHOTOS: Trans – Siberian Orchestra Wow Fans with All New Stellar Show, Wells Fargo Center

Trans – Siberian Orchestra is perhaps one of the best shows anyone can lay their eyes upon for not only a great evening of profound Christmas story telling which unfolds quite well that we all can adore that can be often a priceless classic on a yearly basis. This year marked the return of an all new show with Trans – Siberian Orchestra calling it “Christmas Attic “. Another brilliant story telling segment with Brian Hicks, to the Grande finale of guitar shredding from Chris Caffrey makes any musician want to get up on stage and jam alongside with him.

Trans – Siberian Orchestra is one show that combines the power of Rock and the Majesty of Christmas all wrapped up into a great visual concert experience loved by millions of fans for over sixteen years and still going strong year after year.

TSO touring makes Philadelphia one of the few markets doing two back to back performances giving thousands a chance to see what everyone always talks about after the show is over.


Author: Steve Trager