RxGF ‘Any Other Way’ – Music Review


Seattle’s RxGF blew me away from the minute the first wall of sound hit me in “Any Other Way” there was something strangely awing. The title track to the group’s 13-track release is full of lingering sounds, broad soundscapes and especially, confident vocals. The interesting thing about this particular track, was the way the song moved. It was like an organism unto itself; like when you dot liquid onto a sheet of paper from a straw. The liquid meanders and creates these branches. This song went into a few different directions, but returned beautifully.

Described as ‘dark wave’ sounding, these tracks are mysteriously fun. They are pesky in the sense that some of the choruses beat at you; vocalist Angeline Schaaf’s command is breathtaking. She’s not to be missed on these tunes and her presence is that of villainess and hero all at once.

My other favorite tracks are “Antidote” (an industrial, gritty piece that feels very science-fiction) and “The Hit”. The “Hit” is creepy for its lyrics, but beautifully crafted in its sonic range. Fans of Nine Inch Nails will really like this one – if not for the darkness, but the cryptic music bed. Fans of Angels & Airwaves will also dig this sonic scope.

Overall, another wow. Really all the songs on this are exceptional and elevate so much of what is happening in music today. You won’t find a bad song on Any Other Way. A++


Author: Melissa Kucirek