3D Friends: Summer Break EP – Music Review

10299183_10154110745100024_2017703927087030598_nFans of the short-lived MTV sitcom Skins will recognize the sonic sounds and tightly-wrapped pop orchestration in the 3D Friends EP ‘Summer Break.’ Dan C. Wright, the artist behind Skins’ theme song “Lina Magic” recruited bassist Andrew Alvarado and drummer Justin Roberts for the five-track whirlwind. The Austin-based trio has convincingly created a sound that hits the listener in all directions.

In “All Right” think No Doubt meets Paramore meets Owl City. There’s a slick synthesizer bed that really grabbed at me. The vocals have a laid back, very chill approach. As the lyrics attest “I feel safe, I feel alright,” this song is such a great collection to any summer music mix!

“Just Wanna Hold You” felt more indie rock to me for some reason. The guitar riff that goes through the track like a tapestry has a murky mood. It’s positioned against a very cool, deeper voice (deeper than “All Right.”) Perhaps some listeners will find themselves comparing to Fitz & The Tantrums in this track?

The remaining three tracks, “Dark Land,” “If You’re Interested” and “Out of Your Way” shocked me at how different each were, yet at their core, so robust with amazing beats. Truly, no matter the mood you’re in, any of the songs on ‘Summer Break’ will fill the need.

Overall, a shining example of indie pop/rock that is fresh and perfect for any summer soundtrack. ‘Summer Break’ is a solid A++ showing!

Author: Melissa Kucirek