Future Us ‘We Are Future Us’ Review


unnamedCalling their brand of music ‘electronic sex-pop,’ the San Francisco Bay Area’s, Future Us, seduces the listener with its quirky electronic beds. Listeners are treated to vocals rich with the soul like Alannah Myles (“Black Velvet”), the grit of Joan Jet, the pop-stylings of Gwen Stefani and the spark of Michelle Branch.

Lyrically the songs dive deep into layers upon layers of vulnerability and relatable experiences. Future Us relies on robust  music orchestration to harmonize against strong vocals.

The seven-track collection includes “No Good,” a refreshingly tight upbeat number with a smooth guitar bridge. “On My Mind” has a numbing acoustic riff meshed on top of an echo-ing, delicate electronic music bed.

In “I Belong To You”, there’s a dreamy cascading piano key part draped with an electronic beat. This song feels warm and flighty. The electronica portion is not overpowering; singer/songwriter and guitarist Megan Heavlin Ochoa never feels like an afterthought. Her vocals are poised, her words comfortable. Her cohort, Daniel Durrett’s electronic work is staggering in the sense that he keeps the listener in tune with Ochoa’s commanding voice. Durrett’s ‘tennis match’ with Ochoa’s vocals never seems at opposite ends of the spectrum, but fine tuned like a couples’ game.

“Ride” is heavier in electronica than the previously mentioned tracks. It’s quirky – dirty sexy.

“In Your Kiss,” “Swooning” and “Fuck Shit Up,” round out the release. All are  bold, consistent to the modern sound Future Us puts down. I dig it! Future Us ‘We Are Future Us’ garners a solid A rating. Get ready to dance, throw your fist in the air and shake up the music world!