fistSo, ya say ya wanna revolution? Jaw Kneecap’s “Pariah” debuted on Youtube yesterday, but within hours YouTube froze the view counter at 301+ views because, they claim, they need to verify the huge amount of you, the Rock Hard Army commandos, who watched it. YouTube explained in a written statement that this is regularly done in order to protect the value of their ad dollars. Perhaps they neglect to factor into their logic that without us, the content providers and viewers, there are no ad dollars.

We certainly have no problem with a company or corporation making money. What we have a problem with is the arbitrary way that YouTube targets a video or an account for an unnecessary audit (come on – 301 views is really something to worry about????) without even providing a single iota of evidence that any deception has taken place. It must stop and it must stop now.

This is not something that just happened to this band but has happened to a multitude of others. There’s even an Occupy YouTube Facebook page that’s been set up by other angry YouTube content providers and viewers that have had their Google given rights trampled by YouTube.

Are we men and women or are we Devo? Let’s raise a little ruckus an let’em know we’re here. Complain to YouTube, complain about it on Facebook and even write your congressperson (yeah, like they ever get anything done these days…) and go to Jaw Kneecap’s Facebook page to let them know you support them, a tiny David vs. a huge Goliath, in their fight for their rights. Please repost this and share it with all your friends. Let Youtube and the world know that this will be a summer of discontent unless this issue is resolved. We are not animals – we’re Jaw Kneecap fans!


Author: Ralph White