Richard Tyler Epperson: Falling Between the Stars – Music Review


20130515_0108Rating: A++

Something about this CD made me feel like I was floating in space, and Richard Tyler Epperson’s voice added to the enjoyable ride in his debut effort ‘Falling Between the Stars.’ Fans of Switchfoot, Owl City and Vega Boys will find something they like out of the 14 tracks.

This one’s a keeper.

“At Your Door” starts it out with Epperson’s croony-meets-alternative voice with a quirky electronica music bed. This song feels very pop, but the orchestration makes for a genre-bending experience.

“Awake” has a bit more of the electronic fused with this faint dance beat. It’s easy to be transported to another mood in this song, and it’s quite a delight. The third track, “Don’t Tell” has a bit of a grittier feel to it and Epperson still seems like this coy voice singing his dreams aloud. It’s inter

esting and as a listener, you feel worthy to be included.

“Stars” and “My Melody” also stand out. I felt like his words and lyrics were simple (like Owl City) but he also brings in a Postal Service element to the table, giving him some more artistic license.

“We’re Alright” and “You and I” help wrap up this complete package. He’s romantic without being gushy and the tempo/beats come across as lovely and mesmerizing.

Overall, I have to give an A++ review for Richard Tyler Epperson.  His debut effort channels electronica, alternative rock, and layered prose in a most enjoyable way!

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