TuneCore Announces Release of Enhanced iTunes Trend Reports for TuneCore Artists

20130421_0813TuneCore, the premiere digital music distributor is proud to announce the launch of its enhanced, web-based iTunes Trend Reporting tool in response to artists’ growing need for more frequent and robust iTunes sales data. The feature-rich reporting tool that supports daily sales data with graphic visualization, replaces static, weekly CSV-formatted report files that, up to this point, have been the standard among digital music distributors.

TuneCore’s new reporting tool

gives all its artists the ability for quick data search and segmentation by album, individual song or ringtone; views by designated market areas (DMA) in the U.S. or by country; and time periods ranging from 1-week to 3-months. Having this type of data at an artist’s fingertips will help facilitate better-informed business decisions.

Feedback from TuneCore Artists has been extremely positive. Gavin Mikhail, a long-time TuneCore Artist says, “I couldn’t be happier that TuneCore now offers daily iTunes sales trending data. Not only can the new platform be used to make more timely and accurate business decisions, but the interface itself is beautiful.  Clean, well thought out, and intuitive to use. The layout lets me see exactly what I want with just a few clicks. Brilliant.”

TuneCore continues to set new standards for ease-of-use and reporting functionality that artists will come to expect. Ewald Christians, VP Product Development at TuneCore says, “TuneCore’s focus has always been on making it easier for artists to manage the business aspects of their careers. The most successful artists, managers and labels use data to help them make day-to-day decisions about where to tour, which retailers to approach, and which local radio stations to convince to play their music. We feel strongly that all artists should have access to these types of tools. Today, we’re putting that power into the hands of our customers and we’re confident they’ll be as excited about it as we are.”

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Author: Ralph White