Laughter is the Best Medicine! Especially in Brooklyn – Nightlife Review

20130413_1743Comedy that is Good For You!

The hottest new stand-up comedy show in New York City is not on Broadway or in The Village or on the Lower East Side, it is buried deep in Willytowne. Good For You! is produced by a couple of degenerates, Eric Schmidt is a denim giant and Ian Hunt is in a motorcycle gang, yet in just two shows they have come to epitomize the new comedy scene in Williamsburg.

Good For You! is, thus far, a monthly stand-up comedy show held at Cantina Royal, a four-star open-minded Mexican restaurant located on N. 3rd Street between Wythe and Kent, right near the water. Now, I know what you are thinking: stand-up comedy at a fancy Mexican place in Brooklyn? Well, think again, because the venue is half the magic.

It’s an intimate, semi-underground, backroom-show, that features professional comics, whose names you’ve heard before. It’s not some shitty show with a ridiculous cover and a two-drink minimum featuring crappy no-name con-artist acts. Eric and Ian are comedy nerds who want to be around good comedy and put on a great show, as are the people going to these shows, and that’s pretty much the whole motivation. Comedy for comedy’s sake.

They’ve done two shows so far, and some highlights include Dave Hill, Emily Heller, Murderfist and Adam Newman. Both shows were packed and their reputation is growing very fast. With $3 Tecate’s and $5 margaritas, Good For You! is easy on the wallet and loud on the laughter.

It is easily the most popular standup show in Williamsburg, and Cantina Royal is the

perfect venue for gritty backroom stand-up comedy. They have a show on April 27th featuring Nick Vatterott (Comedy Central Presents, Conan), as well as May 25th. Soon enough, they are trying to do two shows a month. Go to this funny forecast before it is too big to pin down.

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Author: Ryan Buynak