Sometimes, being really likeable is more of a curse than a blessing. Steven Adler seems like a really fun guy to hang out and party with but not the sort of person you’d trust with anything valuable. Like, let’s say, you house, your car, your trust, or for that matter, especially your life. He’s a good natured, selfish, deluded kind of goof. But he does have an interesting story.

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone getting away with all the crap he claims to have done if he weren’t so likeable. After 3 failed suicides, 28 overdoses, multiple times in jail, strokes and heart attacks, this boyishly charming forty-something year old dude still leads a charmed life. I guess some people are just born with a “get-out-of-jail” card tucked tightly in their butt cracks.

Maybe he’s easy to forgive because, after all, most of the damage he’s done he’s done to himself. Although he admits there have been a fair amount of people who have suffered in his wake. Perhaps he’s just one of those people who have the power to bestow amnesia on those whom he’s recently wrecked with the twinkle in his eyes or the smile on his lips. Reading “My Appetite For Destruction” leaves you with the impression that Adler is like the entire cast of the “Jackass” series all wrapped up in one person. In other words, he’s really very scary but totally amusing.

Even shock-jock Howard Stern had to ask how someone could get kicked out of the hard partying band, Guns & Roses, for doing drugs. That’s almost as ironic as when Elton John cancelled the remainder of his tour with Billie Joel because of the latter piano man’s sobriety problems. I mean, come on! If someone like the “Rocket Man” can’t tolerate your addictions then you know you’ve really got a problem!

The original drummer for Guns & Roses tells his tale of travesty with little remorse. In fact, he usually just shrugs it off by reasoning he doesn’t understand how it all happened. The people around him, for the most part, seem to accept this as normal behavior on his part and offer forgiveness. Then again, maybe they find his antics amusing. We all want to be amused, and I must confess, “My Appetite For Destruction” is a thoroughly amusing read. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that Steven Adler can be trusted by anyone not to screw up. That’s because, as his book reveals, he’s the kind of likeable dude that will screw up all in his path, most of all, himself.

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Author: Stevie B