The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception movie claims that it reveals the hidden motives behind the regime of Barack H. Obama. The movie promises to start getting a look behind the ‘puppets’ and find who the ‘puppet-masters’ and their agenda’s are. It promises to cut through the media hype of ‘Yes We Can’ and take a look at the real man, how he garnered millions of followers and what he is real plans are for the use of his power as President of the United States.

Alex Jones of Prison Planet maintains that Obama is a hoax that has been perpetrated on the American people, and indeed the world. He examines the George H. W. Bush administration as well, claiming both Bush and Obama are front-men in the White House. The real power behind the Administration? Wall Street, the Bilderberg group and the Federal Reserve.

The real motives behind these groups is claimed to be the ‘New World Order’ in which international banks loot the wealth of the American people. A Bank of the World would be run by the groups redistributing wealth, as it were, from the American middle-class to the wealth members in the elite inner circles. And much of it is taken from Obama’s own words. During his campaigning he has spoken of forced national service, warrantless wiretaps, the removal of the Second Amendment and martial law. All elements of pre-World War II Nazi Germany.

You can watch The Obama Deception movie in the video below


Author: Paola