Ace Of Clubs, New York, NY – Nightclub Review

Ace Of Clubs, New York, NY – Nightclub Review Today is the launch of our new “Nightlcub Reviews” section and it is with great honor that I present to you my two cents about Ace Of Clubs (located at: 9 Great Jones Street, New York, NY). Plus as a bonus, we are very fortunate to have some live footage from Video City 🙂

This East Village treasure has been around for years (Formerly Acme Underground) and seems to be one of the last true underground venues in the city that is holding strong in their mission of exposing club-goers to a wide array of original artists. “In a climate of corporate clubs run by big business, the Ace Of Clubs remains independently owned and operated, providing patrons and artists with a personal touch that only a “mom and pop” operation could give.” stated Paul Mollan of Ace of Clubs.

A brief history about the club indicates that the management changed in January of 2005 and has been Ace Of Clubs ever since then, with the new talent buyer Bill Harris replacing Tom Jack of Pool Bar fame.

On the night this reviewer stopped by the venue, the line up included a healthy mix of bands from Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island (For A Better Vision, Black Pearle, Loss Of Inertial, Black Dawn, and Dead By Choice).

In short, the bands were entertaining, the sound was excellent (good job at the board Mr.Soundman), and the crowd was very warm and friendly 🙂 My only complaint was that the bar seemed to be a little understaffed, but this may have been the result of a tough decision by management since bands outside of Manhattan don’t seem to draw well.

As far as we can tell Ace Of Clubs is open just about every night, and may have 2-6 Rock, Funk, Avant-Garde, Acoustic, or Metal acts peforming on it’s 15″ x 21″ stage, and their web site does pretty good job of showcasing upcoming acts as well. Paul Mollan of Ace Of Clubs states, “The web site is formatted to give people an idea of what the bands are all about”. “The bands choose and send us the images associated with their name and we also send out band links to various publications for listings.”

My overall rating Ace of Clubs, New York, NY is B+ with the easy possibility of getting an A+ if they could add another bar in the venue 🙂



Author: Ralph White