Bar Minnow is an up and coming restaurant and hang out in the heart of Park Slope – Restaurant Review

Bar Minow
Ninth Street @ Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Service: B+
Quality and Taste: A-
Environment: A
Pricing: $15-$20
Overall Rating: A

Bar Minnow is an up and coming restaurant and hang out in the heart of Park Slope. It’s a great stop and eat restaurant and bar to hang out with friends.

The meal began with Maytag Blue Cheese Fritters for starters. It’s a tasty blend of fried blue cheese, accompanied by chopped salad with tomato, red onion, and cilantro dressed with red wine vinegar. The heavy flavor of the blue cheese balances out with the light bedding of red wine salad. Its small portion size left enough room for the entrees.

For the entrees, we were served the Po’ Boy and the Parisian Cheese-steak Au Jois with Bernaisse Mustard. Both dishes were artistically presented and showed the abundance of flavors within them. The Po Boy oyster sandwich gave an immediate taste of fresh oyster. Although the oysters were fried, they were not drenched in oil, and reigned over the other flavors and dressing of the sandwich. The Parisian Cheese-steak was very seasoning and tasty. Most cheese-steak sandwiches are either buried in melted cheese or have very dry steak. This sandwich had neither wrong with it and provided a tender and juicy flavoring that most cheese-steaks can’t provide. The unique Bernaisse Mustard dressing and Parisian cheese make the steak and slightly charred onions stand out. The starters and entrees at Bar Minnow give mouth-watering presentations that will definitely leave you full and satisfied once you bite into them.

Bar Minnow’s service and staff were extremely friendly and courteous. They will make you feel like “everybody knows your name” (heehee) and be sure to make you a fixture at the new bar and restaurant hot spot in Park Slope. Be sure to check out Bar Minnow for its lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.


Author: Alfonso Biondi